36,000 pieces of goods in the United States are waiting for UPS tracking numbers, resulting in a large number of delayed shipments! Even expedited delivery cannot guarantee delivery time

36,000 goods in the US await UPS tracking numbers causing delays in shipments, even expedited delivery cannot ensure timely delivery

360,000 parcels awaiting replacement of UPS tracking numbers, large amount of delayed shipments

Due to UPS’s strict inspections, the end-to-end logistics efficiency has been compromised. Currently, approximately 360,000 parcels are stuck in the United States awaiting replacement of UPS tracking numbers, resulting in a large number of delayed shipments.

The recent cross-border logistics industry has been quite turbulent due to UPS’s rectification measures, which have resulted in many running accounts being directly blacklisted. Many sellers have also expressed that their shipments have been delayed frequently, causing doubts about delivery times.

UPS’s major sites are severely overcrowded, with large areas under control and several overseas warehouses losing their delivery qualifications. Some non-compliant overseas warehouses can no longer schedule pick-ups. It is understood that due to the new rules treating account parties and overseas warehouses indiscriminately, delivery to UPS transfer stations cannot be made, resulting in slow pick-up times. Even if FedEx is now used for delivery, the situation is still chaotic.

“Recently, the situation at UPS in the United States is really in a mess. A large number of time-limited pick-ups have been delayed for more than a week, and many freight forwarders have cancelled time-limited compensation. The Prime Day on June 15th is approaching, and freight forwarders are worried, causing many sellers to become anxious.”

****** Slow delivery from some warehouses ******

Some popular warehouses in the western United States are still subject to uncontrollable situations such as rescheduling, deletion, and non-delivery due to Amazon’s new policies. The delivery time is still delayed compared to before the new policies were implemented. Currently, the delivery time for some of the western US warehouses (GYR3, LAX9, SCK4, SBD1, FTW1) is estimated to be delayed by about a week.

As for GYR2, LGB8, and LAS1, the situation has improved compared to the previous two weeks, and overall delivery time is estimated to be delayed by 2-4 days.

ONT8 and SMF3 have experienced warehouse explosions. Deleting, rescheduling, and holding orders are having a significant impact. The delivery time may be delayed by about 5-7 days more than expected.

In addition, starting on Friday local time in the western United States, due to the failure of negotiations between the union representing dock workers and port management, union workers are absent from work and on strike. Currently, the most affected port is Oakland, as the port has not yet opened. Los Angeles dock workers intentionally slow down operations, resulting in slow container retrieval speeds.

In the near future, there will be a significant delay in goods delivery in the backend of the United States. Time-limited deliveries cannot be guaranteed, so please make a backup plan for your supplies.

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