618 rookie opens an overseas warehouse in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and can achieve next-day delivery at the fastest

618 rookie opens Dubai warehouse for next-day delivery

On June 8th, Cainiao International Express launched several new measures to ensure stable international logistics during the 618 summer promotion, including the official launch of the UAE overseas warehouse, the expansion of export preferred warehouses, and the upgrading of Spain overseas warehouse services. At the same time, Cainiao partnered with AliExpress to optimize cross-border merchant service experience and provide more guarantees.

UAE overseas warehouse launched, Middle East logistics accelerated

After a period of testing, Cainiao’s UAE overseas warehouse in Dubai officially launched, covering an area of about 5000 square meters. It is one of the largest overseas warehouses opened by a Chinese company in the UAE and will cover the entire Middle East region. Currently, the warehouse can achieve 5-7 day delivery in countries such as Israel and Saudi Arabia. It is expected to achieve 3-day delivery in the UAE by July this year, and even “next-day delivery” in the fastest time.

It is understood that as the 618 promotion approaches, the inventory in the overseas warehouse is gradually increasing, mainly in home furnishings and 3C electronics.

Export preferred warehouses expanded by over 100,000 square meters, Weihai and Yantai warehouses expanded by over 30,000 square meters

Previously, all five of Cainiao’s newly opened cross-border warehouses had been put into use. So far, Cainiao has built a preferred warehouse network covering 8 regions in China, including Guangdong, Zhejiang, and Shandong, with more than 20 warehouses in total, including 10 Choice preferred warehouses, 13 platform merchants can choose to enter the preferred warehouses, and 2 global center warehouses.

To cope with the explosive growth in order volume during the 618 promotion, Cainiao has expanded its preferred warehouses across the country, with a total expansion area of over 100,000 square meters. For example, the Yantai and Weihai preferred warehouses in Shandong province have expanded by over 30,000 square meters in total.

Upgrade of Spain overseas warehouse services, FMCG section (fast-moving consumer goods) goes online

In addition, to meet the demand of Spanish consumers for daily chemical products, the Spanish overseas warehouse has launched the FMCG zone (daily chemical products), which uses digital logistics technologies such as OMS (Intelligent Order Management System) and WMS (Warehouse Logistics Management System) to achieve visual and controllable data for categories, inventory, distribution, etc., providing merchants with reliable sales forecasts.

Recently, Cainiao’s overseas warehouse services have been upgraded again. Fully managed merchants on AliExpress can stock up in the overseas warehouses of Spain, France, and Poland to respond to major promotions. In addition, Cainiao has partnered with AliExpress to subsidize the first leg freight cost difference for eligible explosive products, upgrading from rail transportation to air transportation for free.

It is reported that Cainiao’s self-built international express logistics network covers more than 100 countries and regions worldwide. Among them, the “5-dollar 10-day delivery” logistics product has covered 20 countries, helping more cross-border merchants “send to the world for the price of a cup of coffee”.

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