Effective from June 1st! Attention northern sellers, Vladivostok will become a transit port for Chinese sellers in cross-border transactions

Attention northern Chinese sellers Vladivostok will be a transit port for cross-border transactions starting from June 1st

01 Vladivostok helps domestic sellers export cross-border Starting from June 1st, Vladivostok, Russia will officially become a transit port for domestic goods in China’s cross-border trade. Not long ago, the General Administration of Customs issued a notice that from June 1, 2023, in order to further expand the scope of domestic goods cross-border transportation business in Jilin Province, it agreed to add the Vladivostok port in Russia (domestically known as the Vladivostok Port) as a transit port for domestic goods cross-border transportation. According to the notice, Zhoushan Yongzhou Container Terminal and Jiaxing Zapu Port in Zhejiang Province are additional domestic goods cross-border import ports. The upcoming opening of Vladivostok’s port means new historic opportunities for the economic and trade development of Northeast China. Since Vladivostok and other places were occupied by tsarist Russia in the late Qing Dynasty, Vladivostok has been away from us for more than 160 years. With the loss of Vladivostok’s super port in the three northeastern provinces (which will not be elaborated here), the northern, especially Jilin’s external sea route has been completely cut off. With the opening of the port on June 1st, Vladivostok, with its convenient geographical location, will become the best choice for China’s northern cross-border trade to reach European, North American, Latin American and other markets. 02 Under the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Vladivostok will further promote the development of Sino-Russian trade As early as May 6th, in order to revitalize the old industrial base in Northeast China and promote the development of cross-border trade in northern goods, the General Administration of Customs decided to further expand the scope of domestic goods cross-border transportation business in Jilin Province. In fact, as early as 2007, the General Administration of Customs issued a notice allowing goods from Heilongjiang Province in China to engage in international transit business through multiple foreign ports, including the Vladivostok port in Russia (Vladivostok Port), and the relevant business is running well. In addition to promoting cross-border trade in goods between China and Europe, North America, and other regions, the Vladivostok port will also help promote the development of Sino-Russian trade. According to publicly available data from January to April this year, Sino-Russian trade increased by more than 41%, exceeding $73 billion. Currently, China mainly exports electronic products, small appliances, automobiles and other products to Russia, while Russia mainly exports large amounts of oil, natural gas, timber, food, metals, and chemical products to China. What do you think about the important significance of the Vladivostok port for domestic sellers?

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