Autobia, an e-commerce platform for automobiles, has completed a $20,000 financing round and aims to boost the automotive market in Saudi Arabia

Autobia raised $20,000 to boost the car market in Saudi Arabia

Autobia, an automotive e-commerce platform, completes $20,000 in seed funding to drive the Saudi Arabian automotive market

Autobia, a B2B automotive platform based in Saudi Arabia, has completed $20,000 in seed funding. Founded by Emad Daghreri and Ahmed Alawfi in 2021, Autobia provides automotive aftermarket and spare parts. The recent funding will be used to drive Autobia’s expansion in Saudi Arabia, attract new niche markets in the automotive aftermarket industry and its adjacent markets, and invest in talent recruitment and technology development.

Autobia is reshaping the Saudi Arabian automotive aftermarket by providing a seamless platform for retailers and repair shops to order wholesale spare parts through the application, creating a streamlined supply chain that bridges the gap between supply and demand, and enabling businesses to access the digital and logistics infrastructure needed to succeed in rapidly developing markets.

Emad Daghreri emphasized their goal to provide efficient sales capabilities to businesses through data-driven innovation, optimized pricing strategies, trend recognition, and personalized recommendations, dedicated to leading the automotive aftermarket industry into a new era of digitalization in Saudi Arabia. Ahmed Alawfi also emphasized Autobia’s core mission to change the industry through a simplified supply chain solution, improve operational efficiency, unlock greater sales potential, and ultimately benefit end customers by increasing availability and competitiveness in pricing.

(Image source: Autobia official website)

Autobia has transacted over 1,000,000 spare parts through its platform, connecting operational centers in Riyadh and Jeddah to a wide network of wholesalers for unparalleled market availability. Autobia currently supports 23 brands and plans to expand its product range as the company grows.

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