Data Report | The best time for mobile game push notifications to request permission for data tracking is 6-30 seconds after launching

Best time for mobile game push notifications to request data tracking permission is within 6-30 seconds after launching

Since Apple launched a new privacy data policy called ATT (App Transparency Tracking), mobile game manufacturers have been looking for the best time to push ATT notifications, maximizing the possibility of users allowing tracking in order to improve customer acquisition. Image source: Unsplash

Many data platforms have also conducted research on this topic, including game analysis company GameRefinery. After testing the Top 200 revenue ranking mobile games in the US market one by one, the company found that 88% of games will push ATT notifications within 25 minutes after startup, and 72% of products will start pushing within 30 seconds after startup.

In addition, 23% of the top US mobile games will push a customized “Pre-ATT” pop-up window before officially sending the ATT notification on the iOS system. In this pop-up window, manufacturers often explain to players why they need to allow the game to track data, and what personalized experience the game will bring to players after allowing tracking. If only the Top 100 of US mobile game revenue rankings are considered, the proportion of products pushing Pre-ATT pop-ups will increase to 27%.

In order to persuade players to allow tracking, many top mobile games in the US market will push a new pop-up window separately before the official ATT notification is sent, telling users why they need to allow tracking data. | Image source: GameRefinery

In addition to the Pre-ATT pop-up window, 13% of games will require users to provide more personal information, such as phone numbers, ages, and genders.

GameRefinery said that top games are trying to push ATT notifications to users as early as possible, while using an additional pop-up window to explain the benefits of allowing tracking before pushing. However, if notifications are pushed too early, it is likely to cause player resentment and loss.

GameRefinery concludes that the best push window for ATT notifications is within 6-30 seconds after the game starts. Manufacturers need to balance stable player engagement and early push of ATT notifications.

Why do top mobile games want to push ATT notifications as early as possible? The main reason is probably to let players understand all the necessary information about data tracking as soon as possible and dispel players’ doubts. However, other data also shows that many players’ acceptance of personal information collection is only limited to accepting ATT tracking notifications, and they are not willing to disclose privacy information such as phone numbers to the game.

In addition, GameRefinery also stated that this survey did not collect data on how many players actually allowed the game to track data, so the exact effect of early notification push cannot be quantified.

This article is translated from GameRefinery says the best time to push ATT notifications is the first 6-30 seconds.

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