【TRO 23-cv-3371】Cross-border sellers beware! Fitness Equipment initiates patent protection, quickly check for removal

Beware cross-border sellers! Fitness Equipment is enforcing patents in TRO 23-cv-3371 Check for removal quickly

Part 01 Case Details

Plaintiff Brand: Fitness Equipment

Plaintiff Company: XAVORK WOOLIAND INC.

Case Number: 23-cv-3371

Type of Lawsuit: Patent

Plaintiff Law Firm: ARCH & LAKE LLP

Date of Lawsuit: May 27, 2023

Part 02 Brand Introduction

Plaintiff Xavork Wooliand Inc. is a company located in Oregon, specializing in the development, research and design of various fitness equipment, which is sold around the world. The brand is committed to creating the highest quality fitness equipment for home fitness, always believing that everyone wants to have their own independent and private exercise space, and this product will successfully realize this dream.

(Image source: https://www.amazon.com Date of reference: June 1, 2023)

The Fitness Equipment frame is made of ultra-thick steel square frame, significantly improving the stability of the frame during exercise; more than ten adjustable height options to meet the various exercise needs of users; high-strength steel-coated cables and high-quality pulleys will ensure smooth operation of the fitness rack. The product is designed specifically for home fitness. The full-body training system combines a squat rack and a smooth cable pulley system. It is not only a powerful home fitness equipment, but also allows users to practice various professional fitness movements. Accessories include two safety bars, cable crossover system, weight frame and large foot pedals.

Part 03 Patent Information

The patent information of this product is as follows. Sellers should carefully check it, and even if the product is not exactly the same, the same design concept may cause infringement.

Part 04 Product Examples


Please sellers carefully refer to the above information and check whether there is the use of similar trademarks, copyrights, and patents. If unfortunately hit, timely take down and handle, and be prepared to respond.

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