Venturing into Southeast Asia for a year, sales of this air fryer exceeded 200 million yuan It quickly became a hit in live streaming rooms

Sales of this air fryer exceeded 200 million yuan in Southeast Asia within a year and it became popular in live streaming rooms

An air fryer with a “drop-shaped” handle has been a huge hit in Southeast Asia and Brazil! Within less than a year of launching, it successfully dominated the category on multiple platforms in Southeast Asia and even introduced a red Brazilian limited edition to cater to the local market preferences.

This air fryer comes from a new and innovative small home appliance brand called Gaabor. Although the outbound brand is a “newcomer,” its parent company Jet Commerce has been a “veteran” cross-border comprehensive service provider rooted in the Southeast Asian market for many years. Jet Commerce has its own business insights into the consumption trends and localization strategies of the Southeast Asian market.

First, let’s take a look at the performance of the outbound brand.

In September 2022, Gaabor’s sales exceeded 200 million yuan within its first week online, achieving excellent results of Top 2 in the small home appliance category on Shopee in Southeast Asia and Top 1 in the small home appliance category on TikTok in Southeast Asia.

In 2022, Gaabor began its strategic layout in the Latin American market, and as of December 2022, Gaabor’s cumulative order volume exceeded 1.82 million units, with sales exceeding 230 million yuan, successfully dominating the category on multiple platforms in Southeast Asia. Throughout the Southeast Asian market, Gaabor’s sales scale and growth rate are far higher than its competitors during the same period, and has made a certain market impact on other competitors that entered earlier.

Looking at the industry as a whole, small home appliances are an industry with much lower brand concentration, strong purchasing impulsiveness, and features that are convenient to use, practical, and reasonably priced, which are deeply loved by overseas consumers. According to external public data, it is estimated that the average growth rate will remain at 10.9% in the next three years. By 2025, the sales scale of small home appliances will exceed 230 billion US dollars globally, and the market capacity is considerable. In fact, in many countries such as Brazil, Mexico, and the Philippines, three-quarters of consumers are willing to seek and try new products and services.

In 2021, amidst the wave of self-owned brand globalization, Jet Commerce deeply integrated its localized e-commerce operation experience, market insights and China’s mature supply chain system to establish its own brand, Gaabor.

Jet Commerce takes “localization” as its basis and launches its brand globalization journey from three core aspects of Gaabor’s product strength, marketing, and compliance.

Focus on local user needs, enhance brand product strength

In response to the preferences of Southeast Asian consumers for “strong metal texture” and “large capacity” products, Jet Commerce’s self-owned brand R&D team designed a unique 4.5L large-capacity “water droplet handle” air fryer. This air fryer not only has 5 colors to meet the preferences of various consumer groups, but also caters to the preferences of the local Brazilian market, especially the red Brazilian limited edition. In addition, from the perspective of ergonomics, Gaabor air fryer has designed a golden 15-degree tilted operation panel and water droplet handle, making the operation simpler and more comfortable. The unique design of the water droplet handle has successfully obtained a patent application.

Collaborate with China and local teams to create a full-channel marketing strategy

In terms of marketing channels, Gaabor mainly promotes sales growth through Shopee, Lazada, and TikTok.

In the formulation of marketing strategies, thanks to years of deep cultivation and experience accumulation in the brand operation service industry, the brand operation team will formulate comprehensive strategies from online product integration display, product information, packaging design, and cross-channel marketing before each major promotion and new product launch, ensuring that Gaabor can be fully displayed and exposed in various channels and search links, and ensuring that consumers can “see and buy”.

In terms of marketing implementation, the self-owned brand operation teams of various countries are composed of “Chinese core members + local operation teams”, with local personnel accounting for more than 90%. This collaborative mode of operation can not only convey the interesting “new gameplay” of Chinese e-commerce, but also “adapt to local customs” and integrate Gaabor’s product selling points and brand concepts into the minds of local consumers.

In the 2022 TikTok 9.9 promotion in Malaysia, Gaabor’s self-owned brand operation team customized new products and food stickers, and invited 4 top local influencers to launch a related topic challenge with the local hit song “Look Around” as background music. This quickly triggered a “peer effect” among influencers, leveraging over 300 influencers to spontaneously participate in live broadcasts, accumulating nearly 2,000 broadcasts. Gaabor accelerated the creation of explosive products through “exposure-interaction-purchase-settlement” full-link marketing, effectively promoting sales conversion that exceeded expectations by 50%.

Strictly ensuring the compliance of the entire process of brand globalization

In addition to product strength and marketing, the self-owned brand operation team attaches great importance to compliance with international regulations. In the early stage of globalization, in-depth research and on-site investigations were conducted on various policies such as overseas products, certification, and customs clearance, and all materials were strictly prepared in accordance with legal requirements. In the middle and later stages of globalization, the team “dynamically monitors” changes in local government regulations and e-commerce platform mechanisms to ensure product compliance and process compliance for brand globalization.

Currently, Gaabor has achieved exposure of over 100 million on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, with a cumulative total of nearly 10 million followers.

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