Brand Analysis || After becoming a loyal user of this domestic brand, I realized that they also have great overseas performance!

This domestic brand has great overseas performance, which I realized after becoming a loyal user

First of all, I want to clarify that this is not a sales article. A while ago, I posted about a community activity called “The Art of Making Money” and promised that those who joined through my invitation code could come to me for a small gift, which included a choice between a lipstick and a book.

As it turned out, everyone chose the book and no one chose the lip gloss that I recommended. Not surprisingly, no one had heard of this beauty brand.

Today, I want to introduce you to this domestic brand called Colorkey, which is under the parent company Meishang (Guangzhou) Cosmetics Co., Ltd.

Colorkey was established in 2018 and targets young Z-generation girls. Its products are positioned as lip makeup products under 100 yuan (later expanded to include eyebrow pencils and foundation).

At the beginning of the company’s establishment, it received angel investment from Sequoia Capital and Liu Qiangdong.

The brand also follows a route of promoting single popular products. Its main product is the “Air Lip Gloss,” which quickly became popular through social media such as Little Red Book and TikTok, achieving explosive growth within four months of launch and becoming the top-selling product in the domestic e-commerce category.

Currently, the flagship store on Tmall has 12.78 million followers, and the sales of individual products are also amazing, with over 100,000 reviews for the product link.

Now let’s take a look at how the brand expands overseas:


Cover Mainstream E-commerce Channels

Colorkey has its own independent website and also has platforms such as Amazon US and Japan. It has also launched a TikTok Shop.

01 Independent Website

(Screenshot: Independent Website)

The website was just launched in January 2023, and in just over four months, the monthly visitors have not exceeded 5,000, and the visitors come from the Vietnam national market, all through YouTube. This indicates that they have not yet put much effort into their independent website.

02 Amazon

(Screenshot: Amazon US flagship store)

(Screenshot: Amazon Japan flagship store)

Take Amazon US as an example, let’s look at the sales situation of the product on Amazon (shown below), with the ASIN ranking around 30,000 in the beauty category.

(Image source: SellerSprite)

Then, using the SellerSprite plugin tool combined with the Sif Traffic Time Machine, we can take a look at the trend of past traffic changes and deduce its strategy. It can be seen that it mainly relies on brand advertising to obtain traffic.

(Image source: Sif)

03 TikTok

Colorkey has also laid out on the TikTok platform, with a series of matrix accounts and also opened a TikTok Shop.

From the number of likes of related videos and the corresponding play volume of tags, it can be seen that the team is very good at TikTok marketing.


Fully leverage the advantages of overseas social media

In addition to covering the above independent sites and e-commerce platforms, Colorkey brand also fully utilizes overseas social media to promote its brand.

Old social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter are not to be missed.

It also covers the new grass-planting platform Lemon8, and the most core social media channel should be TikTok, which has extensive cooperation with KOL and KOC.

It is very good at content marketing, and has made grass-planting videos into campus dramas. The title “He wants to taste her, but… ” has a high completion rate.

Above is a simple analysis of the Colorkey brand going overseas. It’s great to see our domestic brands succeed overseas. Due to time limitations, there may be some details that are not well described. If there are any errors, please leave me a message in the comment section~

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