Brazilian small and medium-sized sellers earn more online than the United States! Social media has become their main source of income!

Brazilian SMEs make more money online than the US, using social media as their main income source

According to BusinessDialogue, in its recent global survey, GoDaddy found that the importance of having an online business has been recognized by small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, mainly in Brazil. Globally, 64% of small business owners stated that up to half of their annual revenue comes from online sales channels, while 37% of small businesses reported that 51% to 100% of their revenue comes from online sales channels.

In Brazil, 52% of respondents stated that up to half of their revenue comes from online sales. The remaining 48% of respondents said that over 50% of their revenue comes from online sales channels.

The online strength of small and medium-sized enterprises in Brazil is a global highlight

Interestingly, compared to other surveyed countries/regions (regardless of their level of development), Brazil has more small and medium-sized enterprises that generate over half of their revenue from online sales. Currently, Brazil is ahead of the United States (33%), Colombia (33%), and Spain (29%).

Similarly, globally, 61% of respondents stated that they use a website, online store, or a combination of both as a sales channel. Social media is closely watched in this regard, with a global usage rate of 58%. In Brazil, 43% of small and medium-sized enterprises use mobile devices to promote their businesses, while the global average is 34%.

However, in Brazil, surveyed small companies stated that their top three sales channels are social media (59%), e-commerce platform apps (48%), and e-commerce websites (36%),

Regarding the relevance of participating in the digital market, 66% of globally surveyed companies stated that increasing their understanding of the digital market is very important to them. For this reason, they prioritize social media advertising, having a business website, and conducting free online marketing strategies:

Social networks: 42%

Natural traffic: 38%

Advertisement on Google: 29%

Sales in e-commerce: 26%

Physical store presence: 21%

Offline advertising: 21%

Own e-commerce: 15%

Conduct email campaigns: 14%

Have a blog: 11%

On the other hand, the expansion of technical knowledge and the implementation of digital solutions are the main concerns of Brazilian small and medium-sized enterprises (68% compared to the global average of 60%). “Brazilian SMEs recognize what they need and adapt technology and digital tools to help their online businesses succeed,” said Luiz D’Elboux, regional manager for GoDaddy Brazil.

BusinessDialogue has learned that GoDaddy’s survey was conducted by Advanis in March 2023 in Brazil, Colombia, Germany, India, Mexico, the Philippines, Singapore, Spain, Thailand, and the United States. The sampling criteria were small companies defined by the number of employees, ranging from 1 to 50 people. In this study, a total of 4,682 entrepreneurs and small business owners were surveyed, including 540 in Brazil.

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