The ideal delivery time for Brazilians is 2 days! WhatsApp is the preferred communication application!

Brazilians prefer a delivery time of 2 days and prefer to communicate through WhatsApp

According to BusinessDialogue, in order to understand the expectations of online consumers, Intelipost conducted a survey of Brazilian consumers in April. Regarding logistics, the researchers’ field of activity, 50.4% of the respondents stated that meeting the final deadline promised by e-commerce is the best way to evaluate the quality of product delivery.

In addition, 18% of the respondents usually do not evaluate the orders they receive, and 14.4% of the respondents evaluate the quality of the delivery experience by communicating and updating the order status throughout the entire delivery process.

Ideal delivery time

Equally interesting as the above data is the ideal delivery time that people expect in the e-commerce market. For 41% of the respondents, the ideal average delivery time for online shopping is 2 working days. However, depending on the type of product, the delivery deadline for 21% of the participants may vary between 3 and 8 working days.

In terms of logistics, issues related to online product delivery have increased significantly in recent months. After all, for 63.3% of people, such issues have occurred more than once, and only 15% of people say they have never encountered them, with 19% of people stating they have experienced them only once.

The good news is that 44% of people answered that their e-commerce delivery issues have been resolved in all cases. In this issue, only 11% of people said that their delivery problems were not properly resolved.

How to improve the delivery experience in e-commerce

It turns out that knowing the exact location of the order is more important to consumers than fast delivery – even more important. For researchers, this is because people are better planning their purchases, relativeizing the urgency of speed factors and prioritizing delivery accuracy factors.

When it comes to tracking online purchases, 54% of people say WhatsApp is their preferred communication app. Only 12.2% comply with email, followed by store websites with a compliance rate of 10%.

It is worth emphasizing that according to research, receiving the product after the expected time is one of the most sensitive points in the customer experience. In this case, 32.4% of people say it is the biggest source of dissatisfaction (lack of updates in the case of delays comes in second place, with 25% of people saying it is a sensitive point).

Reverse Logistics Considerations

Seizing this opportunity, the company asked online consumers which reverse logistics solutions were essential. So far, 59% of e-commerce consumers expect to pick up their purchases at home.

Even so, about 20% of people don’t mind taking the product to the post office to return it. Only 10.8% of respondents are interested in returning their purchases to a collection point or brand store.

BusinessDialogue has learned that, finally, it is equally important to note that 76.3% of people are most concerned about shipping costs before shopping online. Delivery time (71.2%) and product quality (44.6%) are ranked second and third, respectively.

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