BusinessDialogue Member Daily Shop | June Week 1 Case Summary [Horticulture Category]

BusinessDialogue Shop | June Week 1 Horticulture Case Summary

Summary of weekly case studies for BusinessDialogue members

This week’s store collection is in the 【gardening category】:

Store 1: Niche seller, on the shelf for 4 years, specializing in gardening care, product compost bins, expected to have 100 daily orders, monthly sales of about $100,000.

Store 2: Top-selling brand, on the shelf for 9 years, specializing in gardening barbecues, product barbecue mats, expected to have an average of 666 daily orders, monthly sales of about $440,000.

Store 3: High-quality top-selling, on the shelf for 2 years, specializing in gardening cleaning, product pool leaf rakes, expected to have 1175 daily orders, monthly sales of about $830,000.

Store 4: New seller, on the shelf for 1 year, specializing in gardening power generation, product outdoor solar fans, expected to have 40 daily orders, monthly sales of about $70,000.

Store 5: Top-selling brand, on the shelf for 3 years, specializing in gardening heating, product fire pit covers, expected to have about 844 daily orders, monthly sales of about $3.4 million.

We discussed the following issues and found relevant reference ideas:

1. How to simplify search keywords under the gardening subcategory, and bring more than 56% natural search exposure to a store with just 3 high-quality words?

2. For a store that integrates both manufacturing and trade and is a top-selling brand, how can they improve their brand strength through high-quality products and achieve 666 daily orders?

3. For niche market operations, how can sellers achieve monthly sales of $830,000 by improving product functionality and style?

4. In the competitive brand market, how can new sellers seize opportunities to transform and create differentiated products to launch new bestsellers?

5. For brands that deeply cultivate the gardening sub-market, how can they expand traffic through social media and achieve monthly sales of $3.4 million?

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