Can I send pure batteries through the Israel special line? Are there any precautions to be aware of?

Can I send batteries through Israel special line? Precautions?

Currently, many domestic cross-border sellers have set their sights on the Middle Eastern market, and Israel is an irreplaceable market. The local e-commerce market in Israel is also constantly expanding, with an annual growth rate that has always been at the forefront of the global cross-border market! Israel has a local population of 8 million, with an internet penetration rate of 87%, and electronic shoppers account for 69%.

Israel Special Line Logistics is an international logistics channel for transporting goods from China to Israel. Due to its strong targeting characteristics, Israel Special Line has advantages such as fast delivery, low fees, and logistics services that are more in line with the needs of cross-border e-commerce sellers. Therefore, Israel Special Line Logistics has become one of the necessary logistics channels for Chinese sellers to enter Israel. #Israel Special Line#

Whether it is a built-in battery product or a pure battery product, it is considered a sensitive cargo and dangerous goods in international logistics. Generally speaking, there are many logistics channels that can transport products with built-in batteries, but for pure battery products, due to the high risk of flammability, explosion and leakage during transportation, there are relatively few cross-border logistics channels that can be used. So, can Israel Special Line ship pure battery products?

The answer is yes. Empire Express Israel Special Line Logistics generally divides the transportable goods into Israel Special Line and Israel Pure Battery Special Line. Israel Pure Battery Special Line is a logistics channel dedicated to transporting pure batteries, lithium batteries, dry batteries, and energy storage power supplies.

Israel Special Line can transport general cargo and products with electricity and magnetism, but other items such as powder, liquid, paste, cosmetics, counterfeit brands, and pure batteries are prohibited from being shipped. General cargo is delivered directly from the mainland and is received within 5-8 working days, while goods with electricity and magnetism are flown directly from Hong Kong and take around 7-10 working days for the entire journey.

Israel Pure Battery Line can carry a variety of goods, including built-in batteries, supporting batteries, pure batteries, mobile power supplies, liquids, cosmetics, and other products, with strong transportation capacity. However, there are currently fewer dangerous goods flights, with fixed flights per week, so cargo consolidation is required, and the overall timeliness may take about 15-20 days.

What are the precautions for Israel Pure Battery Line?

1. Israeli customs charges different tariffs and value-added taxes for parcels with different values. Parcels with a value of less than $75 do not need to pay customs duties or value-added taxes. Parcels with a value of more than $75 will require the recipient to pay customs duties.

2. Israel Pure Battery Line is generally a self-service counter service and does not deliver to the door. After the parcel arrives in Israel, it will be delivered to the self-service counter closest to the recipient, and then the recipient will be notified of the arrival and pickup password. Therefore, the seller must provide the correct recipient’s phone number. Note: The Israeli mobile phone number pattern is AA0000000, and AA is the mobile phone prefix: 57, 52, 53, 54, 55, etc., of which 56 and 59 belong to the Palestinian mobile phone area code and cannot be received or sent.

Note: Many Israeli buyers will set up automatic delivery of express information to the trash mailbox, so buyers often feedback that they cannot receive pickup information, and the seller needs to notify the customer in advance.

3. Pure battery products should be packaged independently, and both the inside and outside of the box should be affixed with battery labels that meet aviation requirements. If the product is a built-in battery, it must be ensured that the electronic product is turned off during transportation.

4. Dry batteries, lithium batteries, and lithium metal batteries, these three different types of batteries, are not allowed to be mixed. Lithium metal batteries cannot be shipped in the same package with the other two types of batteries. Pure battery products require customized carton packaging, and single batteries must be insulated and packaged without obvious shaking after being loaded into the box.

Above is the knowledge about the Israel line that the editor shared with you today. I hope it will be helpful for cross-border sellers who want to operate in the Middle East market.

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