Car seat gap leak prevention filling pad This type of product is easily susceptible to infringement!

Car seat gap filler pad prone to copyright infringement


This is the content that Infringement Brother shared two years ago. Recently, many sellers have consulted about it. Many fans may not have seen it before, so I am sharing it again!

We know that there is a small gap between the car seat and the center console. The driver’s phone or other items in their pocket may slip into this narrow gap. If the driver tries to pick up the dropped item during driving, it can easily cause a traffic accident!

Drop Stop is a solution to this problem.

The product structure and usage method are extremely simple. Compared with other conventional car storage mats, the unique feature of this product is that it has a hole design that allows the seat belt to pass through. This is also the patented core technology.

Patent information:

US Patent: US8267291B2

PCT International Application: WO2008144261A1

A device for sealing gaps near car seats, comprising: a slender component with a shell and a core, the core is surrounded by the shell and has flexible characteristics; and a groove set towards the end region, the groove has a longitudinal length, extends through the slender component and is surrounded by the core and the shell of the slender component, and when it is properly positioned, the groove provides an adjacent connection with the seat belt receiving member to allow the slender component to slide along the center console during the longitudinal movement of the car seat, where the end region is longer than the longitudinal length of the groove.

In summary, car leak-proof mats with hole designs for passing through seat belts will infringe on this patent!

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