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Check out SOHO Nine Questions and Agent Nine Answers

1: When I export in the name of an agency company, what name should I use to contact clients?

√: After generally affiliating with a foreign trade company, SOHO can use the name of the foreign trade company to contact foreign clients. Generally, you can use the name of the XXX business department or the XXX export department of XXX company.

2: Is there a requirement for export volume when signing an agreement with the agency company?

√: The agreement generally specifies the annual export volume limit. However, if you do not meet the requirement, it doesn’t matter, and the agency company will not hold you accountable.

3: When cooperating with an agency, how does the agency company charge agency fees?

√: Generally, the agency fee is charged as a certain percentage of each payment (such as 1%). There are no other fees. The tax rebate belongs entirely to SOHO.

4: When collecting agency fees, how is SOHO’s profit calculated?

√: In terms of agency fee format: SOHO profit = remittance amount in USD x USD exchange rate + tax rebate – factory payment – agency fee – freight – miscellaneous fees

5: Will there be any issues with the security of my funds after cooperating with an agency company?

√: When foreign trade agents act as agents for others, their profits largely depend on the volume, and profits from a single order are very small. Therefore, the most important thing for foreign trade agents is their reputation. They cannot risk ruining their reputation by embezzling clients’ money.

6: Are there any issues with remote agents?

√: There are no issues. After the foreign trade agent’s verification form is registered with the electronic port and filed with customs, it can be declared at ports throughout the country. As long as SOHO provides the data, the agency company can prepare the necessary documents and send them to ports across the country for customs declaration.

7: As a SOHO, what bargaining chips and conditions should I negotiate with the factory, and do I need to sign any contracts?

√: SOHO will sign contracts with factories in the name of a foreign trade agency, which will have more binding force on the factories after the contracts are signed.

8: If I cooperate with an agency, what should I do if my products need to undergo commercial inspection? Should I do it in the name of the agency?

√: Commercial inspection is done by the factory. As long as the factory has done the inspection, it will not affect the agency’s export.

9: Do I still need to open an offshore account if I cooperate with an agency?

√: Normally, it is not necessary. However, if you want to keep the main profits in an offshore account and pay the agency through the offshore account, it is also possible.

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