The third China-Europe Cross-border E-commerce Forum was successfully held in Manchester, United Kingdom

China-Europe Cross-border E-commerce Forum held in Manchester, UK

The 3rd China-Europe Cross-border E-commerce Forum

From March 27th to 28th, 2023, the 3rd “China-Europe Cross-border E-commerce Forum” will be held in Manchester, England. The forum is initiated by the China-Europe E-commerce Logistics Club, organized by Feiniao International and NEW CHINA CLUB, and sponsored by JD Logistics.

The 3rd China-Europe Cross-border E-commerce Forum

The theme of this forum is “Compliance, Innovation, and Cooperation of Cross-border E-commerce and Logistics Enterprises in the Post-pandemic Era”, inviting guests from the UK, Europe, China, and the United States, including representatives from China-Europe government agencies, e-commerce platforms, multinational logistics companies, international freight groups, customs clearance support, overseas warehouse companies, and more than 500 outstanding representatives to jointly explore the sustainable development model and innovation strategy of the China-Europe cross-border e-commerce industry.

Guest sign-in

This forum brings together leading enterprises from China and Europe, including JD Logistics, The Very Group, Yodel, Fruugo, EVRI, Geely Automobile, CaoCao Europe, Ailux Group, The Niche, LEVC, Hainan Airlines, COSCO Shipping Consolidation (UK), Feiniao International, 4PX EXPRESS UK, J&T Express International, GURU, LTN Logistics, Lianyu, and many other companies.

This forum analyzed the multiple challenges that enterprises face in globalization, localization, logistics and environmental protection, technological upgrading, compliance supervision, and network security, and sought new space for high-quality and sustainable development of enterprises through sharing global supply chain cooperation, improving localization level, actively carrying out investment and financing, and using innovative technology, injecting new energy into the comprehensive cooperation of China-Europe and global cross-border e-commerce enterprises.

Mr. Jin Xu

Mr. Jiang Xiaoping

Mr. Liang Guoyong

At the forum, Mr. Jin Xu, the president of China International Trade Association, and Mr. Jiang Xiaoping, the director of Beijing Ruiku Trade Security and Facilitation Research Center, gave important speeches and congratulated the third China-Europe Cross-border E-commerce Forum. Famous economist and United Nations Trade and Development Agency official Mr. Liang Guoyong participated in the conference via video link from the United Nations headquarters in Geneva!

Mr. Wang Jian

Mr. Wang Jian, the founder and chairman of the China-Europe E-commerce and Logistics Club, delivered the opening speech at the conference. He mentioned that the “China-Europe Cross-border E-commerce Forum” was established in December 2020, when the epidemic was severe. The organization of this forum was also hoped to find new opportunities and ways out for enterprises.

Mr. Qian Kainan

Mr. Qian Kainan, the president of JD International Logistics, introduced the situation of JD Logistics overseas, and also showed us the convenience that Chinese companies provide for other countries’ enterprises when going global, co-existing and co-profit.

Myles Barclay of the Barclays family, CEOs and executives of YODEL and EVRI

Myles Barclay

Mike Hancox, CEO of Yodel

Nathan White, Business Director, EVRI

John Sansby, Global Partnership Director, EVRI

CEOs and executives of YODEL and EVRI, two local logistics companies in the UK, participated in the forum and gave wonderful speeches. The youngest generation of the Barclays family in the UK, Myles Barclay, shared entrepreneurship projects targeting the Chinese market and cooperation with JD Logistics.

Deloitte partners and presidents

A team of four Deloitte partners and presidents also brought in-depth sharing to the conference. The content of the speech mainly covered the e-commerce pattern in the UK and Europe after Brexit, as well as the impact of the Windsor Framework on cross-border e-commerce parcels between the UK and the EU.

LORD OF MAYOR, Manchester Councillor, Donna Ludford

Donna Ludford, the Lord Mayor and Manchester Councillor, expressed her appreciation to CEELC and JD Logistics for their efforts in organizing this cross-border e-commerce forum. She mentioned that this conference not only provided a platform for all guests to exchange ideas and share experiences, but also provided more opportunities for Manchester as a center for cross-border e-commerce. She thanked CEELC and JD Logistics for their contributions to Manchester and the entire cross-border e-commerce industry.

Donna Ludford, the Lord Mayor, and Mr. Wang Jian, the founder and chairman, jointly presented awards to outstanding Chinese and European cross-border e-commerce companies. They recognized their positive and optimistic entrepreneurial spirit in the face of challenges and crises, and their continuous exploration and utilization of new opportunities through innovation and cooperation. They emphasized that the success of these companies demonstrated their contribution to promoting economic development and creating employment opportunities in the cross-border e-commerce industry. Their success is not only reflected in their business results, but also in their social responsibility and sustainable development.

The banquet scene

After a highly concentrated day of meetings, the conference welcomed the much-anticipated banquet. The banquet began at 7pm on March 27th and more than 100 guests were invited to attend in formal attire. In a cheerful atmosphere, guests tasted delicious food and wine, shared their experiences and insights, and spent a pleasant evening of cross-border e-commerce with new and old friends from around the world.

SR MAILING, LENCARTA, and EASYSENT shared their experiences.

The venue on the second day was still full of vitality. The CEO of SR MAILING, as an environmentally friendly e-commerce packaging and consumables manufacturer, vividly and interestingly introduced the application of technology in the production process of environmentally friendly materials to the guests. LENCARTA shared the exploration of Chinese consumer technology products going to Europe. In addition, the CEO of EASYSENT from France shared insights on the theme of “differences between traditional logistics and e-commerce logistics”.

There were also many exciting discussions at the forum. On the first day of the conference, guests actively participated in discussions on topics such as technological innovation, environment, society, and corporate governance (ESG). JD Logistics, YODEL and EVRI, the largest local logistics and distribution company, shared their application of innovative technology in their enterprises and supply chains and their outlook for future new technologies. CAOCAO Europe, DELOITTE, GRM MARKETING, and TOUYIN gave exciting corporate perspectives and shared insights.

The forum provided an opportunity for on-site communication.

On the second day of the conference, the topics focused on localization, compliance, self-operated fleets, and shared open logistics supply chain platforms. Industry leaders, benchmarking companies, specialty companies, and all enterprises and friends who are committed to developing the Sino-European e-commerce logistics industry gathered together to negotiate cooperation and win-win, and work together to accomplish great things, do good things, and accomplish long-lasting things.

CEELC founder and chairman Mr. Wang Jian presented awards to outstanding enterprises and representatives.

Under the leadership of CEELC founder and chairman Mr. Wang Jian, the conference ended successfully. At the awards ceremony, Mr. Wang Jian presented awards to outstanding cross-border e-commerce service providers and association representatives for the year 2022. He praised these entrepreneurs for their resilience and tenacity in the external environment of a fragile and unstable global supply chain, as well as their contribution to maintaining the continuity of the cross-border e-commerce supply chain and injecting continuous vitality into the industry.

The third “China-Europe Cross-Border E-Commerce Forum” is the highest-level forum in the China-Europe cross-border e-commerce industry. Participants can learn from the experiences shared by successful entrepreneurs and industry experts, broaden their industry knowledge, and stay informed of the latest industry trends and related policy information. It also provides a platform for building business connections with top industry experts and corporate leaders, and facilitates convenient and cooperative opportunities for the cross-border e-commerce industry.

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