CJ Logistics opens the largest distribution center for Starbucks in South Korea

CJ Logistics opens biggest Starbucks distribution center in South Korea

According to the latest news from Charging Culture Media, CJ Logistics, the largest logistics company in South Korea, has opened the largest Starbucks distribution center in the country.

The facility is located near Busan New Port, covering an area of 38,000 square meters, equivalent to six football fields, and processes 130,000 batches of imported coffee beans every day. The Busan facility is CJ Logistics’ second Starbucks distribution center after Incheon.

Outside of the US and China, South Korea has the most Starbucks stores with 1,750 cafes. CJ Logistics announced on May 22nd that the opening of the facility strengthens its leading position in the coffee logistics market in South Korea, which is growing exponentially.

CJ Logistics explained that while the Incheon facility can deliver to Starbucks stores in the Seoul metropolitan area and the northern part of the country, the Busan center can serve coffee shops in the southern part of the country.

Last year, South Korea imported 188,000 tons of coffee beans, of which 93% were imported through Busan.

CJ Daehan Tongyeon stated, “Beans are the core of coffee taste. As fresh food, beans need careful management. CJ Logistics maintains appropriate temperatures from the moment the goods arrive to the entire process of storage, packaging, and delivery. Our Busan center is built as a ‘giant refrigerator.’ Beans are quickly transported to stores by cold chain (refrigerated delivery system) vehicles.”

“In the past, coffee logistics typically only involved simple coffee bean delivery services, but recently it has expanded to include all items required for store operations and overall logistics services. This is because as coffee shops grow exponentially, inventory management and logistics are limited.”

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