Constellation acquires TOST, a sparkling water beverage brand

Constellation buys TOST, a sparkling water brand

The brand Ark has learned that beverage giant Constellation recently announced the acquisition of TOST, a taste-forward non-alcoholic sparkling water beverage brand. Based in Dorset, Vermont, TOST was created with the intention of providing “consumers with a sparkling water alternative to soda when they don’t want to drink alcohol.”

TOST currently sells through DTC channels, retailers, grocery stores, specialty stores, liquor stores, and foodservice providers in over 40 states and seven countries in the US.

Beer, wine, and liquor giant Constellation stated that by investing in TOST, they continue to optimize Constellation’s high-end product portfolio. TOST meets the growing demand of consumers who are looking for “an elegant and sophisticated drink that just happens to not contain alcohol.”

TOST’s flagship beverage products come in two flavors – Original and Rose – both refreshing and dry, and not too sweet, suitable for pairing with any meal or enjoying on their own. TOST has a scent of sparkling white tea, cranberry, and ginger, while TOST ROSE has a scent of sparkling white tea, ginger, and elderberry.

Constellation points to Nielsen Q data, which shows that 82% of non-alcoholic beverage buyers are still buying alcoholic beverages. This means that TOST expands the choice and opportunity to participate in traditional beer, wine, and liquor occasions, making it a strong complement to Constellation’s current product portfolio. It also supports the complex flavor characteristics of beverages and meets consumers’ growing interest in having more flavor choices across all beverages.

Constellation’s Executive Vice President and Chief Growth, Strategy, and Digital Officer, Mallika Monteiro, said: “TOST is a delicious liquid that gives people a feeling of celebration and elevation during important moments in life, and it is also approachable for daily enjoyment. Our investment in TOST allows us to continue to optimize our high-end product portfolio by offering consumers complex-flavored non-alcoholic beverages to complement their lifestyles in various occasions.”

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