Sunscreen brand Vacation secures $6 million in Series A funding

Vacation sunscreen brand gets $6M in Series A funding

The brand Ark received news that the sunscreen brand Vacation has received a Series A financing of $6 million led by Silas Capital, an emerging growth equity and venture capital company.

Vacation’s rapid growth is mainly attributed to the interesting and unexpected new selling points it brings to the sunscreen category. By combining skincare and sun protection in a scientifically innovative form (such as SPF inspired by fresh cream), its products often become popular on social media platforms, accumulating millions of effective page views and directly leading to retailers’ stockouts.

In addition to its novel forms and formulas, Vacation’s products also pay great attention to sensory experience. Through Vacation’s careful design, users feel like they are in heaven.

Vacation plans to use this financing for:

  • Expanding its distribution nationwide, entering the physical domains of Ulta Beauty, Nordstrom, and Anthropologie, and establishing new partnerships with BlueMercury, CIBO, and Aerie.

  • Investing in talent. Recently hired personnel include London Nielsen-Krupski as Senior Vice President of Sales and Business Strategy, Ryan Bukstein as Vice President of Marketing (previously at Ace Hotels), Katrina Virani as Vice President of Product Development (previously at Pacifica, The Honest Company, MAC Cosmetics, and KORRES), and Hannah Kollock as Director of Growth Marketing (previously at COOLA and Milk Makeup).

  • With the help of industry leaders such as Carlos Huber of ARQUISTE Parfumeur, Rodrigo Flores-Roux of CHANEL, and Dr. Elizabeth Hale, a dermatologist and Senior Vice President of the Skin Cancer Foundation, develop more “leisure-enhanced” sun protection products.

Jimmy Buffett, a partner at Silas Capital, said: “Vacation has brought many new possibilities to the sunscreen category, while demonstrating the ability to break through the inefficiency of today’s digital marketing through innovative products and creative marketing – this is their advantage. Although the company focuses on building a large-scale business in the sunscreen field, we do believe that Vacation has the ability to expand its brand business to a wide range of adjacent categories.”

According to data provided by Fact.MR, the sunscreen product market is expected to steadily rise, with an overall estimated value of $15.3 billion in 2021. Looking ahead, sales are expected to soar at a compound annual growth rate of 6.6% by 2031.

Editor: Serein/Brand Ark

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