E-Dong·Jian | Small toys playing in the big market! The target audience is constantly expanding, and these categories have a long-lasting sales performance

E-Dong·Jian small toys have long-lasting sales performance with an expanding target audience

There is a saying: “Growing old is mandatory, but growing up is optional.” Although people will gradually age, they can decide whether to keep a childlike heart. This description is particularly suitable for remote control toy players, because many adults are also enthusiasts of toy products. Remote control toys are the largest toy category sold on eBay. How can we find opportunities for continuous development in this category in the second half of the year? Let Xiaoyi tell you one by one.

How big is the global remote control toy market?

Overview of the global remote control toy market

According to statistics from BUSINESSWIRE, the global remote control toy market is expected to reach a market size of US$6 billion by 2022, with a compound annual growth rate of 2.81% and is expected to reach US$8 billion by 2031. The largest contribution to the growth of this market comes from the large number of millennials.

It is worth noting that about 41% of the market share comes from the North American market. Among them, the United States is the largest market for remote control toys in the world, and it has been growing and the transaction price has been continuously rising in the past few years. The demand for high-priced products is also increasing.

China is the world’s largest toy producing and exporting country, but in the field of remote control toys and mid-to-high-end toy products, Chinese companies and sellers still have a lot of room for improvement in product development and market share. Products from sellers in the Greater China region are gradually getting rid of the label of low-priced products, improving quality on the consumer end, and increasing profit margins on the supply end, seizing more toy sub-markets.

Remote control toy consumer profile

How to sell remote control toys that are suitable for all ages?

On the eBay platform, remote control toys are mainly divided into three major categories and twelve sub-categories:

Remote control toy accessories in high demand

Remote control toy parts and accessories make up the largest proportion in the category, especially in the professional player market where there is a very high demand. This is similar to the demand for the aftermarket of cars – buying a car is a one-time consumption, while upgrading, modifying, maintaining and repairing the car itself is a continuous investment.

The maintenance and upgrading of remote control toys mainly fall into the following categories:

In summary, the following product types will continue to have a high proportion of demand or maintain sustained growth in the remote control toy market: batteries, battery chargers/chassis/vehicle decoration accessories.

Remote control toy sets loved by all ages

Since the invention of the first remote control car in 1966, the demand for complete sets of remote control toys has remained high in the market, and the enthusiasm for remote control cars among adults and children has never diminished.

Compared to accessories, the remote control category products in the ordinary toy level are more abundant, and the age range of the purchasing population is relatively lower.

Subcategories of remote control toys:

Remote control cars

Remote control boats

Remote control trucks

Remote control helicopters

Remote control drones

Remote control motorcycles

Among the subcategories of remote control toys, the remote control car category accounts for 35% and is the most popular category. As the millennials grow up, the demand for remote control drones is also increasing rapidly. They have a higher acceptance and preference for high technology, photography and videography.

Furthermore, based on sales performance, the following sub-categories rank high and cross-border sellers and enterprises may consider focusing on developing them: automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, construction vehicles/helicopters, and drones.

“Small” toys can also play a big role in the market. Remote control toys have strong technological and trendy attributes, constantly integrating various cross-border elements, expanding their audience, and being a long-lasting category in the toy industry. It also provides an opportunity for upgrading and transforming the toy industry in China, promoting the development of high-end industrial and supply chains, and more deeply participating in the global industry.

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