Challenges and Solutions for Energy Management in Foreign Trade Software Industry

Energy Management in Foreign Trade Software Industry Challenges & Solutions

What are the “new three items” in foreign trade exports? They mainly refer to products represented by electric passenger cars, lithium batteries, and solar cells. In order to continuously promote technological innovation and promote industrial structure optimization and upgrading, the new energy industry has emerged in the foreign trade market, with foreign trade exports increasing by 72% year-on-year, raising the overall export growth rate by 2.1%. New energy high-tech products are becoming a new growth point for China’s exports.

The chain of new energy exports is becoming more streamlined. The rapid growth of exports of new energy vehicles has also driven the growth of core automotive parts exports such as lithium batteries. At the same time, related companies in the industry chain have also gone overseas to establish factories, further maintaining the resilience and stability of China’s industrial chain supply chain. The complete layout of the industrial chain gives China’s new energy vehicles multiple advantages: lower cost, more resistance to market fluctuations, and promoting the automobile industry to move towards the “consumer electronics” model of rapid iteration.

What are the difficulties in exporting new energy vehicles?

[Import and export rights] For first-hand vehicle exports, factory import and export authorization is required; for second-hand vehicle exports, authorization from a second-hand car import and export company is required.

[Transportation] For maritime transportation, loose cargo transportation requires the use of dangerous goods cabinets, and cabin space is difficult to obtain; for rail transportation, those going to Central Asia, China and Russia, and Europe can use rail transportation without special cabinets, but container space is tight and leasing is required.

[Interior decoration] Interior decoration has a cost and requires a professional site for interior decoration operations.

What are the management difficulties of new energy vehicles?

Difficulty 1: The variety of products is diversified, the technical requirements are high, and quality control is very strict, making it difficult to carry out brand strategy.

Challenge 2: Complex product structure, standardization of OEM numbers required, but there are many product codes and accurate pairing is required without errors;

Challenge 3: Large order quantity, large production scale, complex assembly line, difficult progress tracking;

Challenge 4: Quality control, inability to trace quality, involving after-sales and other issues, difficult to conduct data analysis;

Challenge 5: Chaotic production management, lack of digital system control in the process, prone to process confusion, wrong or missed orders, and delayed delivery;

Challenge 6: A large number of SKUs, high warehousing costs, and a large amount of money and time required every time the warehouse is rearranged;

Challenge 7: Data is not shared between links, process data is incomplete, and even important data is missing.

New energy vehicle digital management optimization solution

Research and development management: Structured APQP data management; strict product change management; efficient collaborative and quick conversion of productivity management; integrated information transfer, establishing information connections between materials, personnel, equipment, and tools.

Supply chain management: Efficient and collaborative supply chain procurement platform; transparent consignment management; accurate inventory accounting and process-oriented inventory management.

Production management: Standardized production operations, material error prevention, strict quality process control; diverse planning and scheduling; lean process management; comprehensive and controllable quality and management; transparent operation processes, real-time collection of production progress, equipment dynamics, and quality status.

Business analysis management: Real-time monitoring of workshop production status, timely understanding of production status, and quick response and decision-making; fine management and control, providing quantitative data analysis for material consumption, cost analysis, etc.; mobile business intelligence management; enhancing the ability of enterprises to adapt to globalization competition and sustainable development.

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