Federal Express (FedEx) and the Saudi Export Development Authority (SEDA) have reached a logistics agreement

FedEx and SEDA reached a logistics agreement

FedEx reaches logistics agreement with Saudi Export Development Authority

FedEx has signed a cooperation agreement with the Saudi Export Development Authority to become one of the logistics solutions providers for the authority’s “Made in Saudi” program. The program is a pillar of the National Industrial Development and Logistics Program (NIDLP) of the Saudi Export Development Authority, aimed at enhancing the export image of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and making its products the preferred choice of local, regional, and global consumers.

The US-based company said the partnership strengthened its commitment to supporting non-oil economic growth in Saudi Arabia through international trade, in line with the country’s 2030 vision to achieve economic diversification.

The CEO of the Saudi Export Development Authority said the authority is committed to strengthening effective strategic partnerships with the public and private sectors through the “Made in Saudi” program. The aim of this public-private partnership is to support the authority in achieving its goal of improving export efficiency, helping exporters expand and enter new global markets, and contributing to the Saudi 2030 vision of increasing non-oil exports to 50% of non-oil GDP.

The Vice President of FedEx Middle East said that FedEx is committed to helping Saudi Arabia achieve economic transformation through its 2030 vision. Our strategic partnership with Made in Saudi will provide more efficient logistics solutions and enhanced service experiences for the country’s national goods and services. Our global network, customized solutions, value-added services, and deep industry expertise will help manufacturers and exporters expand their businesses into international markets and connect with a wider customer base. Our goal is to help them grow and transform into a strong nation driving Saudi economic growth.

Since 1994, FedEx has been providing international solutions through local service providers to facilitate trade in Saudi Arabia. In 2021, FedEx announced that it will operate directly in Saudi Arabia, reinforcing the company’s commitment to meeting the country’s growing international shipping needs. Through its extensive Middle East road network, FedEx has been directly connecting Saudi Arabia to the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, and Jordan.

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