What are the benefits of using the VCC (Virtual Credit Card) that cross-border companies are using?

Benefits of using VCC for cross-border companies?

Under the trend of global economic and trade integration, the development prospects of cross-border B2B e-commerce are broad, and the market size is expected to reach 13.9 trillion yuan by 2025. With the rapid development of cross-border e-commerce, the number of enterprises using virtual credit cards is also increasing.

1. What is VCC virtual credit card?

VCC, namely Virtual Credit Card, is a virtual credit card without a physical card. It is generally provided by institutions with financial background, mainly for users who do not have international credit cards or are concerned about the security of credit card payments, to provide corresponding products and services to meet users’ needs for online shopping, service consumption, air travel and other needs overseas.

2. What are the advantages of using VCC credit card?

Compared with physical credit cards, the opening and approval of virtual credit cards are more flexible, and there is no need for tedious steps such as card making. The opening and payment can be completed online. The advantages of virtual credit cards include payment security, privacy protection, convenience, budget control and flexibility of cross-border payments. This also makes virtual credit cards a popular payment tool, providing enterprises with a safer, more convenient and controllable payment experience.

1. VCC virtual credit card is safer than physical cards

Currently, credit card and debit card fraud are the focus of global enterprise attention, and virtual credit cards can help enterprises effectively resist risks, effectively prevent bank account data from being shared and stolen by online merchants, protect users’ privacy, and reduce the risk of information leakage.

2. Efficiently integrated financial system For example, Qbit Funbi Hui VCC virtual credit card supports online completion of card opening, registration and use. It efficiently completes the entire process of cross-border payment for companies. In financial management, VCC virtual credit cards provide advantages such as budget control, risk management, account tracking, flexible spending and cross-border payments. By using virtual credit cards, enterprises can better manage and control finances, improve efficiency and protect payment security. 3. Direct trading in mainstream currencies Assuming that you usually use US dollars for online payments, if you need to change to other currencies for payment, VCC virtual credit cards can easily convert US dollars into other mainstream currencies such as euros, pounds sterling, Hong Kong dollars, etc. online.

3. VCC Virtual Credit Card Supports Multi-Payment Scenarios

Virtual credit cards have a wide range of applicability in multi-payment scenarios, including online shopping, subscription services, cross-border payments, social media advertising, etc., providing users with a secure and convenient payment method to meet different payment needs. Qbit Quantum Virtual Credit Card is issued in cooperation with issuing banks such as VISA and Mastercard by Qbit Qubi Hui. Qbit cooperates with local banks in multiple regions around the world and integrates local payment clearing networks in the European Union, the United States, and other regions, supporting direct transactions in 180+ countries and 40+ mainstream currencies to reduce losses from multiple currency exchange. If you are interested in cross-border related knowledge, welcome to follow Qbit Qubi Hui and actively leave comments for discussion. We will continue to update relevant dry goods and the latest hottest industry information on cross-border e-commerce~

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