How to confirm the specific amount of DHL taxes with the tracking number?

Confirm DHL taxes with tracking number

Internal Order: FBA175G45JGH Tracking Number: 4675213981

How can we check this? We open the official website of DHL and find this place: Remember, it is this website: 1. Help and support 2. Contact us 3. Chat with us. There is a big premise here that your IP or city area needs to be changed to the United States, otherwise this interface cannot be found.

Then click “Chat Now”.

Chat with us, and then it is a conversation. You need to prepare the recipient’s information in advance, such as the recipient’s name, phone number, email, and shipping address. Or you can directly prepare the LB bill. The reason for doing this is to protect privacy overseas. Of course, a few months ago, nothing was needed, and the background would provide it directly. Recently, there have been changes.

Your shipment 4675213981 was delivered on 2023-05-15 at 19:29. Due to data privacy protection, I will need you to select a validation method: account, phone number, or postal code related to this shipment.

Here it is transferred from the robot to the human.

After entering the address information, the tax will be sent to you.

I asked him for the tax details, and he said that it is better to contact Our Duties and Taxes Department at 337-600-1047 to be sure they will give you the information of each one. He asked me to directly contact the DHL tax department phone number 337-600-1047.

That’s the end of this matter, and here are a few points to note: 1. Why would a customer want to check the amount of tax? First of all, because the customer received a simple bill, a screenshot, without a complete bill, the customer has doubts. In fact, the official also sends such bills in batches, but there are some differences between each company. Compare the various companies and you will understand. UPS



2. What are customers really worried about? Customers are worried about changes to tax invoices and the inconsistency between the invoice and the actual amount charged. However, in the express delivery industry, cases where invoices are changed are relatively rare because they are standardized by the authorities. In China, customers can call the official hotline to obtain complete information. The most common cases occur in European countries where tax-exempt special lines are involved, and the fees are based on tax invoices. There is a lot of opaque information, and verification is more difficult. Some companies require their finance department to work on Saturdays around 2018. Photoshop and drawing skills are necessary, supposedly for changing invoices, but I do not know if this is true or not.

3. How can these skills be learned? Spend more time studying the official websites of express delivery companies, and frequently switch to different countries’ IP addresses because the content updated by their websites varies by country. The United States has the most up-to-date information on their websites. Try out the various functions on the official websites to discover new things.

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