A complete guide to the VAT registration process and declaration requirements in Austria

Guide to VAT registration and declaration in Austria

Amazon’s recruitment officially launched last year, and we all know that buyers are more inclined to shop at stores with their own national tax numbers. Recently, we have received inquiries from some sellers who want to open up the Austrian market about Austrian VAT. Today, I will introduce the basic situation of Austrian VAT.

************ Which sellers need to register for Austrian VAT? **********

Although many situations require registration for Austrian value-added tax, the most common three situations for most sellers are:

**** Your company stores inventory and distributes orders in Austria, but is located outside of Austria;

You deliver goods to Austrian buyers from another EU country/region (other than Austria) where inventory is stored, and the total amount of sales to Austrian buyers exceeds €35,000 per year;

**** You establish a company in Austria and deliver goods to Austrian buyers from Austria, and the total sales in all sales channels exceed €30,000 per year.

If any of the above situations apply, registration for Austrian VAT is required.

********** What information is required to apply for an Austrian tax number? **********

**** Company business license (must be in PDF format) ****

**** Legal person ID card or passport ****

**** Legal person signature picture ****

**** Company basic information form ****

Note: For Hong Kong companies, a business registration certificate, annual return form, and list of members are also required. For EU companies, additional proof of the valid EU tax number in the home country is required.

********** What does Austrian VAT consist of? **********

After submitting the registration, we will receive a certificate and two tax numbers from the tax bureau in approximately two months.

****The tax number starting with AT is the EU tax number, which the seller needs to upload to the Amazon platform to bind with the store.****

Another 9-digit tax number with separators is the local tax number in Austria, which is the account required for declaration at the Austrian tax bureau.

**********Details of Austria’s declaration**********

Currently, Austria can only apply for quarterly reports. If the annual pre-tax sales exceed 100,000 euros, it will be adjusted to monthly reports by the tax bureau. Austria’s basic VAT rate is 20%, and it needs to do 4 quarterly reports + 1 annual report per year.

**********In conclusion**********

In short, if you want to conduct business smoothly in Austria, it is necessary to register for an Austrian VAT number. Once your turnover exceeds 30,000 euros, you should handle the registration procedures as soon as possible to avoid fines and other legal consequences. Therefore, sellers who conduct business in Austria must understand the Austrian VAT regulations and be clear about when to register. This step is crucial.

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