Beverage group Gallo acquires women’s beverage brand BEV

Gallo acquires women's drink brand BEV

The brand Ark has learned that beverage group Gallo recently acquired the female beverage brand BEV. This acquisition comes two years after Gallo obtained exclusive distribution rights for Bev in the United States and began bringing the popular brand to more consumers nationwide.

Bev was founded by Alix Peabody in Venice, California and is a female-dominated beverage brand aimed at promoting empowerment and inclusivity in the beverage and other fields. Bev’s mission is to “do things differently, do them better and break down biases.”

This reflects their drive to pioneer new territories in the beverage industry and the broader cultural field. Bev’s core is breaking barriers and building educational and inspiring connections, which is consistent with Gallo’s brand mission of “serving joy at key moments.” Bev CEO Alix said, “I founded Bev out of a passion not only to change the beverages we hold in our hands but also to change the culture around drinking.”

Stephanie Gallo, Gallo’s chief marketing officer, said, “Two years ago, after meeting Alix, I felt the power of the Bev brand. I respect the innovative and unique approach to reaching consumers. At Gallo, our mission is to make new friends for wine, bring joy to our lives, and that means ensuring consumers can get products that make them feel welcome. As an industry, we are adapting and evolving to stay relevant to the next generation of alcohol beverage consumers. I believe Bev’s product portfolio is a popular addition to Gallo’s product line, which will allow us to continue to offer beverage choices to our consumers to celebrate any occasion.”

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