GBC once again acts as agent in the Dyson infringement case! TRO has been issued, cross-border e-commerce companies please check themselves!

GBC is agent in Dyson case, TRO issued, cross-border e-commerce companies should check

Dyson (Chinese name: Dyson Technology Co., Ltd.) is an international company specializing in the production and research and development of home appliances, founded in 1983, committed to the invention and innovation of digital engines, washing machines, vacuum cleaners and other products.

In 1983, it produced the first vacuum cleaner prototype “G-Force” and won the European Design Award with this product. It also pioneered the “bladeless fan” product worldwide.

Since the first lawsuit by Dyson in nearly two years on September 25, 2020, the brand has been constantly litigating for intellectual property rights. According to relevant data, the brand has officially filed four intellectual property lawsuits in 2021, and Dyson has commissioned GBC to file four lawsuits in just two months of 2022. It can be seen that the brand’s crackdown on infringement is getting stronger and stronger. According to the complaint filed by the law firm, Dyson’s lawsuit this time should mainly focus on trademark infringement. Ma Jia supports reminding relevant sellers to carefully check their products before they go on sale, and try to avoid becoming a target of Dyson’s litigation!

Basic Information of the Case

Date of filing: May 11, 2023

Case number: 2023-cv-02976

Brand: Dyson Technology Limited

Law firm: CBC

Summary of Cases in the Past Two Years

Date of filing Case number Law firm Brand
May 9, 2023 23-cv-2912 GBC Dyson
April 28, 2023 23-cv-2684 GBC Dyson
May 16, 2022 22-cv-2579 GBC Dyson
May 12, 2022 22-cv-2524 GBC Dyson

Latest Development of the Case

(Image Source: Public Account “Support for Ma Jia” Case Self-Service Query System

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Brand Introduction

Jiecheng Consumer Products (China) Co., Ltd., Dyson, founded in the UK in 1993, is a world-famous vacuum cleaner manufacturer and the inventor of bagless vacuum cleaners. It is committed to designing and developing products that can simplify people’s lives with technology.

In 1970, James Dyson, while still studying at the Royal College of Art, published his first work, the “Sea Truck” boat. Several years later, the award-winning design of the Ballbarrow handcart was introduced, which could reach places that other single-wheel hand carts could not. After that, the amphibious wheelboat and the Trolleyball also came out. Even the integral hose, visible on most upright vacuum cleaners, is also one of Dyson’s inventions.

Trademark Copyright Information

Examples of Infringing Products

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