Sold well last year and still want to sell this year? Must-see guide for avoiding pitfalls when selling holiday balloons!

Guide for Selling Holiday Balloons without Pitfalls

The analysis included a US invention patent related to this type of product: US2021283520A1-Inflatable Decoration Device, which was registered last November with patent number US11484808B2. According to the seller’s feedback, many links have been taken down!

Note that whether it is a Christmas balloon or a Halloween balloon, any similar structure constitutes infringement!

To be specific, let’s review the previous patent analysis:

The invention is an inflatable, elastic plastic polymer ball used as a holiday decoration. More specifically, the invention includes an inflatable ball with a roughly circular shape and a circumference between 2 feet and 10 feet, with an opening that allows entry into the interior of the ball. The sealing mechanism is firmly connected to the opening leading to the inflatable ball, thereby limiting air flow out of the inflatable ball. The top cover is configured to be mounted on the closure mechanism, and the suspension is configured to pass through the closure mechanism.

This embodiment of the invention further includes a light source at the end of the removable ribbed plug, the light source is a compact electric light source, such as a light-emitting diode, and the light source is powered by one of the following groups: internal batteries, external battery units, and solar panels, which extend through the connecting pin and top cover.

One advantage of the invention is that it can be inflated to several feet or meters in circumference, and then deflated for effective storage after use. The invention includes a UV-resistant coating and is durable in any weather conditions. The inflated decoration can be hung on a tree or tied to the ground.

Patent summary

1. The approximate structure of an inflatable ball consists of five parts: the ball body, the inflation port, the light, the sealing cap, and the hook;

2. The light, sealing cap, and hook can form a whole. One end of the sealing cap is embedded in the light, and the other end is installed with a hook. The key is that the light tube is inserted into the inflation port to prevent air leakage and emit light.

Just like this, an independent light tube is embedded in the surface of the balloon, and a similar structure may have copyright infringement risks!

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