Furniture and gardening supplies are hot-selling products, with a market size expected to exceed 1 trillion yuan in 2035

Hot-selling furniture and gardening supplies will exceed 1 trillion yuan market size in 2035

In recent years, more and more overseas families have started planting flowers, plants, and trees at home. Spring and summer are the peak seasons for home gardening products, and they will prepare for updating the environment of their residences and gardens.

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According to Google data, the global home gardening market is expected to grow from $1.24 trillion to $1.35 trillion by 2035 and will maintain a stable growth trend. Recently, eBayAds released its 2023 Spring/Summer Guide, which surveyed more than 2,000 American consumers aged 18 and above who have gardens. Over 72% of respondents stated that they plan to spend more time this spring and summer on gardening, seasonal cleaning, and home decoration, indicating an increasing demand for home gardening products.

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Gardening products have shown strong performance. Over 57% of respondents plan to purchase gardening products, including turf, grass, bulbs, and seeds; 45% plan to buy home or garden decorations, such as lanterns, ornaments, candles, and wind chimes; and 35% plan to purchase hammocks, fire pits, and garden furniture sets.

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In addition to planting plants, flowers, and agricultural products to make their gardens more beautiful, people also need to take care of their lawns, and the demand for gardening tool products is also increasing significantly. Data shows that the global gardening tool market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 5.9% from 2022 to 2030.

Garden tools can be divided into manual tools and electric tools. Gardening products include hand tools, irrigation tools, machinery, decorations, and materials. Two major products, for example, are frequently used in garden scenes:

Lawn Mower

According to Grand View Research, the global lawn mower market reached $30.4 billion in 2021, and is expected to reach $44.1 billion by 2027, with 70% of the market coming from household use.

In terms of market distribution, 80% of lawn mower demand comes from Europe and the United States. Europe is the largest market for lawn mower robots, followed by the United States.

Hand Tools and Wheeled Tools

These tools can be divided into long-handle tools, short-handle tools, pruning tools, striking tools, and wheeled tools. Long-handle tools include shovels, rakes, hoes, forks, and more.

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In addition, the sales of electric tool batteries and solar power systems have also increased significantly, making them convenient and low-cost for outdoor use and popular among consumers.

Germans are also very fond of gardening, and the consumption of gardening supplies in Germany has increased significantly in the post-pandemic era.

The consumption characteristics of the German gardening market are:

Strong purchasing power for household plants. Single men and women living in apartments are more inclined to choose plants to decorate their rooms, making themselves happy both physically and mentally.

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Germans are more willing to buy degradable and environmentally friendly pots for planting flowers, vegetables, and even paper pots.

Plant flowers and grass on a high bed. The younger generation buys mostly this way, which can prevent getting covered in mud during the planting process, and using a high bed can also avoid long periods of bending and labor.

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In the post-pandemic era, people have become more refined in their home life, bringing more business opportunities to home gardening products. Sellers should seize the consumer nodes. DHL Direct – end-to-end solutions, efficient delivery, professional customer service and other help to make your products sell!

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