Brazil Mother’s Day search trends summary! These are the hottest searched keywords!

Hottest searched keywords for Mother's Day in Brazil

According to BusinessDialogue, a survey by the startup Koin found that on Mother’s Day, 38.2% of consumers spent an average of 200 to 500 Brazilian reals.

The study was conducted in the first two weeks of April and covered consumers from all over Brazil. Overall, 60.4% of people intend to buy gifts on Mother’s Day and make their purchases in advance. Already, 27.2% of people are waiting until closer to the date, mainly due to searching for promotional activities.

In terms of consumption patterns, e-commerce platforms are the first choice for consumers to buy Mother’s Day gifts (60.9%), and physical stores are also preferred (14.4%). In terms of payment methods, 50.5% of people plan to make installment payments through boleto/pix, while 36.1% of people choose credit cards.

In the preferred segmentation market during this period, the purchase intention for home appliances is the most prominent (28.7%), followed by mobile phones and beauty perfumes (22.3%), and clothing (19.3%) is close behind.

Finally, the Koin survey revealed two factors that define the purchases of respondents: payment methods (51.5%) and discounts offered (39.2%).

IBEVAR recently conducted research on the most popular Mother’s Day products. According to the survey, gifts were divided into two forms: practical and emotional.

Most searched Mother’s Day products

–Flowers (27.9%);

–Microwave ovens (9.4%);

Refrigerators (-3.1%), laptops (-3.4%), perfumes (-3.5%), and televisions (-4%) saw a decrease in search volume.

Washing machines (+8.9%), mugs (+11%), coffee machines (+13%), mobile phones (+13.3%), stoves (14.9%), and handbags (+28.9%) saw an increase in search volume.

Although fashion and beauty products were not included in the IBEVAR study, 81.3% of people stated that fashion and beauty products are their preferred gifts.

A survey by Meikeduo showed that compared to March, the search volume for woolen shirts on Meikeduo increased by 595% in April. During the same period, the search volume for raincoats increased by 438%, and there were also increases in the search volume for knitted women’s shirts (335%) and women’s suits (81%).

BusinessDialogue has learned that in the field of beauty and personal care, a trend has caught people’s attention: since early April this year, the search volume for hair perfume has increased by 55%, and it has become a highly sought-after cosmetic product, followed by makeup palettes (+42%), matte lipsticks (+40%), and perfumes (+24%).

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