How can Chinese home furnishing brands stand out on social media platforms when going global? Let’s take a look at how this brand does it

How can Chinese home furnishing brands stand out globally on social media? Let's see how this brand does it

When it comes to Northern Europe, people’s first impression is the minimalist, practical, and comfortable Nordic style. This actually represents a relaxed and comfortable way of life, and even invented a proprietary term “hygge” to define this cozy style. Brands like Marimekko from Finland, IKEA from Sweden, and Tekla Fabrics from Denmark are representatives of hygge-style brands.

Among them, Tekla Fabrics is the most popular niche home brand on overseas social media platforms. Overseas influencers can’t help but spontaneously share videos on TikTok and upload atmospheric photos on Instagram after receiving the products. According to analysis, there are more than 400,000 views on brand-related tags on TikTok, and more than 3,000 related posts on Instagram, which can be said to have become a traffic password.

Why is it so popular on social media platforms?

Fruit Brother analyzed a large amount of brand information and found three reasons:

Product experience visualization, cross-border collaborations, and leveraging the synergy effect of influencers.

High-level visual expression visualizes product experience

When you browse Tekla Fabrics’ Instagram account, you will see models with wet hair wearing oversize bathrobes. This visual presentation appropriately showcases the characteristics of Tekla Fabrics’ bathrobes. Due to carefully selected materials and exquisite craftsmanship, Tekla Fabrics’ bathrobes are soft and thick, giving people a feeling of being hugged.

In addition, on Tekla Fabrics’ Instagram, you will also see fluffy bath towels and beach towels, which are casually hanging on doors or spread out on the beach, making people imagine themselves in a peaceful and leisurely scene. Compared with bathrobes, bath towels and beach towels use 600g looped cotton and 550g looped cotton respectively. They are soft and durable, easily absorbing water droplets on the surface of the skin.

Through these visual expressions, Tekla Fabrics vividly showcases the quality and comfort of their products. The bathrobes worn by the models, the towels hanging on the door, and the beach towels spread out on the sand all vividly depict the usage scenarios and experience of the products for consumers. This carefully planned visual expression is not just a product display, but also provides consumers with an emotional resonance and immersive experience, enhancing their awareness and interest in the brand.

Crossover Collaboration

Tekla Fabrics teamed up with streetwear brand Stüssy to launch a series of surprising products. This collaboration incorporates design elements such as cactus green, Mexican Baja stripes, and Stüssy’s iconic swirl pattern, including silk pajamas, beach towels, pillows, and oversized hooded bathrobes. The uniqueness of this collaboration lies in the combination of Stüssy’s creative design and Tekla Fabrics’ high-quality fabrics to form a powerful alliance.

Many streetwear outfits focus on appearance while neglecting comfort, but this collaboration between streetwear and home decor introduces a series of balanced and comfortable home wear, which is rare to see. These products not only keep up with the latest fashion trends in design, but also emphasize comfort and texture, allowing people to enjoy both streetwear fashion and comfort at home.

Tekla Fabrics’ crossover collaboration with Stüssy brings consumers a new choice and experience. The launch of this collaboration series is not just a cooperation between brands, but also an innovative attempt to perfectly integrate fashion, design, and comfort. Through this collaboration, consumers can have the feeling of streetwear fashion at home, while enjoying high-quality materials and comfortable wearing experience. Such collaborations bring consumers more choices and create a unique and rare consumer experience.

Collaboration with artists generates synergistic effects

Tekla Fabrics draws on aesthetic, emotional, and playful elements from nature, daily life, and other design fields through collaborations with various artists. These elements are then integrated into product design, leveraging the influence of both parties to create a more three-dimensional and attractive image for Tekla Fabrics, thereby generating greater value.

For example, Tekla Fabrics collaborated with the renowned British photographer Laura Jane Coulson to launch a photo album that conveys the beauty of family and friendship.

Collaborating with the artist Lina Scheynius, Tekla Fabrics explores the texture of light and textiles through images, creating a rich sensory experience.

Through three in-depth collaborations with the famous British architect John Pawson, Tekla Fabrics has launched comfortable bedding with exquisite design aesthetics.

Conclusion: Tekla Fabrics has become a code for traffic on overseas social media platforms, thanks to its quality products, high-end aesthetic experience, and synergistic effects brought about by joint collaborations. This is also due to the brand’s need for a professional, creative visual operations team, as well as the integration of resources from various collaborations. Chinese brands that are starting to go global may face some difficulties in building a local team during the initial stage of overseas marketing.

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