Hot Sale Day double promotion is coming! How can Mexican sellers seize the opportunity to explode their sales?

How can Mexican sellers benefit from the upcoming Hot Sale Day double promotion to increase their sales?

Prime Day and Hot Sale are two major online shopping festivals that Mexican sellers cannot miss as they are the peak sales season.

HOT SALE Shopping Festival

Hot Sale is a national mid-year shopping extravaganza launched by the Mexican Online Sales Association (AMVO) in 2014, aimed at stimulating the economy by encouraging consumption and attracting consumers through promotions and discounts.

This year’s Hot Sale in Mexico will be held from May 29th to June 6th. According to AMVO’s survey, 7 out of 10 Mexicans plan to buy products and services during the Hot Sale, with a maximum budget of 5,000 Mexican Pesos.

The main reasons why Mexican consumers choose to shop online during the Hot Sale are: more promotional activities and discounts (61%), better payment methods or solutions (55%), and time-saving (54%).

During the Hot Sale, Mexican consumers prefer to shop on mobile applications. Compared to 2019, the number of people planning to shop on mobile applications has increased by 21% this year. Amazon, Mercado Libre, Linio, etc. (64%) are the most popular platforms, followed by official websites (55%).


Promotion period: May 23rd – June 6th

Amazon Hot Sale

Promotion period: May 23rd – June 6th

Reporting deadline: BD/LD self-reporting closed on May 5th, manually reported by managers until May 16th

FBA warehouse deadline: May 5th

Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day is an eagerly anticipated promotion for sellers every year, which can bring considerable profits and exposure.

According to official statistics, the 2022 Prime Day set a record globally, with over 300 million items purchased. During the event, third-party sellers, mostly small and medium-sized businesses, created larger growth than Amazon’s own business.

Mexico is one of Amazon’s most important markets, and the Prime Day data for Mexico in 2022 shows:

In Mexico, daily household necessities dominate the consumer market, with health and beauty coming in second, reflecting that the female market is the main consumer force, especially the high-income female group.

What follows in popularity is electronic products. 27% of consumers bought electronic products on Prime Day, which is very worthy of sellers’ attention.

Amazon Prime Day

Promotion period: To be announced officially for the Mexican site

Reporting deadline: BD/LD self-reporting closed on May 12th, Prime member exclusive discount reporting closed 2 weeks before Prime Day

FBA Warehousing Time: As of June 15th

Sellers who want to participate in the Prime Member Gold Rush event must not miss the deadline for submitting promotions for Member Day’s various promotional activities. For this explosive opportunity, seller friends must prepare well in advance!!!

How to make full use of promotions and take advantage of the double promotion

█ Use high-quality images for promotions

Make sure that the image does not contain any text, marks, or watermarks that do not belong to the product itself. If the promotion does not meet Amazon or Meike Duo’s product image requirements or has low relevance to the product in the promotion, the promotion will be cancelled.

█ Optimize the product detail page

Improve the chances of platform consumers buying your products. Use key descriptions, pictures, and A+ content to convey your brand information and unique product advantages.

█ Pay attention to inventory performance assessment and prepare sufficient storage capacity

For sellers using local FBA/FBM in Mexico, pay attention to the IPI score assessment time, manage redundant inventory in advance, and optimize inventory performance.

█ Goods are warehoused on time

Please arrange shipping according to the FBA/FBM warehousing deadline for each platform’s big promotion and the latest shipping time backwards based on the transportation efficiency. It is recommended to arrange shipping in advance and reserve 1-2 weeks of transportation time appropriately. HotSale promotion is about to start. If urgent replenishment is needed, it is recommended that sellers use air transportation for quick replenishment.

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