As a company not located in Germany, how can I obtain a WEEE (DE) registration number?

How to get a WEEE (DE) registration number for a non-German company?

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The Foundation for the Registration of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EAR) in Germany is the competent authority responsible for granting approval according to the German Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act within Germany, i.e. issuing WEEE registration numbers.

In principle, all operators who plan to place an electrical appliance on the German market for the first time must obtain the appropriate approval from the EAR Foundation beforehand.

Even if your company has no operational site or subsidiary in Germany, as an electrical manufacturer, you are still obliged to complete the WEEE registration process.

However, there is a special regulation:

Manufacturers located outside Germany cannot register themselves. Instead, they must have a so-called authorized representative within Germany to complete this process for them.

If you do not plan to relocate your company to Germany or establish a subsidiary in Germany, you must find an authorized representative. They will represent you directly and exercise all rights and obligations under German law on your behalf.

You must be able to trust your authorized representative, so it is important to choose carefully and ensure their reliability. There are various service providers in Germany, specializing in agency services as authorized representatives.

Once you find a delegate who is willing to take on this important task and assume the corresponding responsibilities, you should sign a written contract with them. The contract must be written in German. This process is called delegation. The authorized representative hereby declares that they will conscientiously fulfill all rights and obligations as an electrical manufacturer placing products on the German market.

Note: There is one rule here: Only one authorized representative is allowed! The law only allows you to appoint one authorized representative at the same time. Now, you can easily specify this authorized representative through the ear portal website.

There are two steps left for you to obtain the WEEE registration number:

The ear foundation confirms the authorized representative you have specified; and the registration process for each brand and device type. Your experienced authorized representative must ensure that all necessary information and materials are submitted to the ear foundation. All other important information related to registration can be found on the ear foundation website, making it easy for you to obtain the registration number in a timely manner.

In addition, you can also learn about the expected length of the registration process in the FAQ section. Once the specified authorized representative is confirmed by the ear foundation and receives the registration confirmation letter, which is an official document with the WEEE registration number, you can start marketing.

From now on, you are allowed to put the electrical equipment of the brand and device type mentioned in the confirmation letter into the German market. Your trusted authorized representative will take care of all matters, from payment notification to disposal of old electrical equipment.

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