Dry goods | How to coordinate the website to enhance the promotion atmosphere during the event

How to promote events using website coordination for dry goods

The peak season is coming, and most independent websites are offering discounts on their products. This is an effective way to increase website conversion rates and cultivate customer loyalty.

However, we have found that even though some independent websites offer discounts of up to 60%, the festive atmosphere is not highlighted when customers enter the website. As a result, potential customers who intend to make purchases are lost, which is a pity.

Today, we will discuss how sellers can collaborate with activities to create a festive atmosphere for independent websites during the peak season.

We will share the effective methods we have tested in two parts: Homepage and Product Details Page.

Part One: Homepage

The homepage of a website is the first entry point for users to browse, and its importance is self-evident. The maximum website traffic is generally concentrated on the homepage. Therefore, we must ensure that the homepage clearly and accurately conveys the promotional information of our activities.

1. Top Banner: Promote the website’s activities and highlight the discount level, allowing users to learn about store discounts for the first time. For example: Mother’s Day Sale | Up to 40% Off.

2. Navigation Bar: Place the Deal page or Sale page in a prominent position in the navigation bar, and place the pages that users are most interested in at the most prominent position.

3. Banner: Includes promotional festivals, discount levels, time ranges, promotional products, CTA buttons, etc. Clicking on the promotional banner will redirect users to the activity page.

Part Two: Product Details Page

From the perspective of traffic, the homepage has the highest traffic, and customers enter the page through the Sale/Deal in the navigation bar or through the promotion of the banner to start their shopping journey. The product details page is a necessary page for customers to purchase products.

From the perspective of advertising, shopping advertising is a very effective advertising form for conversion. Advertisers place a single product page, and the page that customers reach is our product details page. Therefore, we must put some thought into the product details page.

1. Clearly convey discount information: It is recommended to clearly convey the current product promotions and discount levels to customers near the title, and present the discounted price clearly.

2. Product first image conveys discount: Whether it is a full gift or a direct deduction, it is recommended to add a promotional discount image during the promotion period to convey the discount level. For those with technical support, you can also use code to achieve this, and the final effect is a visual presentation of the promotional discount.

3. Convey trust: The details page has already added the promotion and discount levels, and also needs to add store advantages that accelerate customer purchasing decisions, such as: Free Shipping on All Orders, 30-day No Hassle Return, 365 Days Warranty.

After improving the homepage and details page, coupled with EDM email marketing to cover abandoned users and subscribed users, and combined with social media such as FB, Twitter, and Ins to post for website promotion, continuously optimize the website experience and cooperate with multi-channel promotion, it is believed that the sales volume of independent websites of various sellers will definitely increase significantly!

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