What are the import customs clearance procedures and clearance documents for purchasing foreign biscuits in Xi’an?

Import procedures and documents for buying foreign biscuits in Xi'an?

Imported Biscuit Customs Clearance Process:

1. Firstly, purchase goods abroad. For importers, the best way to trade is CIF. Usually, we use FOB or CIF terms. Personally, it is not recommended to use EXW terms, which require importers to pick up the goods themselves and take care of the foreign customs clearance procedures, which is not beneficial for importers and increases costs and troubles. Regulations vary from country to country, and we are not familiar with foreign customs clearance procedures. For exporters, they are familiar with export customs clearance procedures, so CIF is recommended, followed by FOB terms.

2. After the goods arrive at the port, it is necessary to go to the shipping company to change the bill of lading. Changing the bill of lading requires paying some fees to the shipping company. Basically, there will be some fees at the destination port.

3. After changing the bill of lading, the inspection procedure needs to be carried out. Since the supervision condition for imported biscuits is A/B, it means that they are subject to legal inspection and need to be inspected. The customs clearance form is issued, which generally takes 2-3 days to come out. This depends on the speed of the inspection teacher and the number of product names.

4. After the customs clearance form is issued, customs declaration is required. Customs mainly audits documents, prices, and inspects goods. Generally, the probability of inspection of imported goods is 80%, especially for imports. After the customs officer finishes reviewing the documents, if inspection is required, they will issue an inspection form, mainly to check the authenticity of the goods and whether there are any goods in the container. After the inspection is completed, the customs officer will write an inspection report, and then we need to submit the inspection report to the final review teacher, and then the price review will be carried out. After the tax form is issued, importers need to pay taxes, and then customs will release the goods.

5. After customs clearance, the inspection bureau still needs to sample and test the biscuits. Normally, 3 bottles of each variety of biscuits need to be sampled for inspection. By the way, when customs inspects, customs officials will also need to take samples. After the inspection is completed, the samples will be sent to a dedicated laboratory for testing. Then we wait for the test results to come out.

Pre-packaged imported cookies import customs domestic documents:

1. Record information of the consignee of imported cookies within the country

2. Record information of the foreign exporter or agent of imported cookies

3. Proxy import agreement (when the operating unit and receiving unit are different, the agreement signed by both parties)

4. Document of changing orders, delivery notes, consignee commitment of inspection and acceptance report – with a fixed format

5. Customs declaration/inspection commission for imported cookie clearance

6. Business license (three-in-one) of the consumer use unit

7. Import and export consignee registration certificate, self-inspection enterprise filing registration certificate of the import unit

8. Freight INVOICE (required for EXW and FOB transaction methods)

9. Insurance fee INVOICE (required for EXW, FOB, and CFR transaction methods)

10. Record of domestic sales of the previous batch of imported cookies

11. Confirm whether this year’s customs annual report has been submitted

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