【Must-Read】How much do you know about the chaos in the German WEEE market?

Important Chaos in German WEEE market - What you need to know

Many European sellers have been recently troubled by the German WEEE issue. After such a long wait, everyone is eager to know whether their German WEEE number can be uploaded and validated successfully on the platform before the deadline.

However, many sellers are not clear about what has happened in the German WEEE industry, and how chaotic the entire German WEEE agency market is and how much water is in it.

Q Why hasn’t your German WEEE authorized agent passed the ear review?

At the end of last year, ear conducted a qualification review of all German WEEE authorized agents, which lasted for several months. As of today, only 25 authorized agents have passed the ear review. So why haven’t many agents passed the ear review yet? 【Popular】Why has your German WEEE number not been issued?

First of all, it is the first time in many years that ear has conducted a formal review of authorized agents and made the review results publicly available. Therefore, many companies that set up shell companies in Germany to operate the German WEEE agency business at low cost cannot provide the series of compliance materials required by ear. Ear will not allow companies that do not have risk-bearing capacity to assume the role of German WEEE authorized agents, so they cannot pass ear’s review;

In addition, the efficiency of ear’s review is also an issue. Currently, on the authorized agent list published by ear, at most one authorized agent is added per week.

Q Does passing the ear review mean that you can submit a German WEEE registration?

In theory, only by passing the ear review can you be eligible to submit a German WEEE registration. However, there is one point that many seller friends are not aware of, that is, in addition to passing the review, the authorized agent must also have a “quota” to submit, and passing the ear review does not mean unlimited submissions.

Q: What is the “quota” for Germany WEEE authorized agents?

Besides verifying whether the authorized agent can submit the German WEEE registration, ear also matches each authorized agent with a corresponding German WEEE “quota”. This quota is determined by analyzing the multidimensional situation of each agent. Each agent determines how much “quota” they receive when they pass the ear review.

It should be noted that this “quota” does not refer to how many German WEEE registration numbers can be registered, but rather how many German WEEE certificates, which means that brands and categories also occupy “quota”. It is understood that the vast majority of quotas of authorized agents that have passed the ear review have been used up, and even adding new categories and brands cannot be operated.

Currently, the remaining quotas of authorized agents that have passed the ear review are very limited and cannot meet the needs of all sellers. Some agents even know that they do not have enough quotas, but are still frantically accepting orders…

Q: How to choose Germany WEEE agents?

First of all, it must be ensured that your agent has passed the ear review. Secondly, ensure that your agent has enough quotas to submit the German WEEE registration in a timely manner. Consider the comprehensive strength of the agent from multiple dimensions (scale, reputation, timeliness, and finally price). Some agents are squeezing many orders, but may not have enough quotas to submit. Therefore, it is best to ask your agent to provide registration proof to ensure that your German WEEE registration has been submitted to the ear system.

If you are unable to confirm whether your German WEEE registration has been submitted, you can send us your company name and registration number for free inquiry.

Q: Any other suggestions for Germany WEEE?

Before registering for Germany WEEE, first determine what category and brand you want to register to avoid wasting money and time due to registration errors. Adding new categories and brands also incurs additional fees and requires ear approval for new certificates.

To avoid registration errors, please refer to the following before registering: Upload the Germany WEEE path in the Amazon background, open each category, and see which category has an upload window and which brand corresponds to that category. Register accordingly and avoid errors.

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Regularly check the status of your Germany WEEE registration number. Some customers have reported that their Germany WEEE registration number has become invalid without their knowledge, so regularly checking the validity of the Germany WEEE number is very important. (Contact Shenma Hui for the method to query Germany WEEE registration number)

What are the advantages of registering Germany WEEE with Shenma Hui?

  1. Optimized registration process with fast processing time. Generally, it takes 1-2 months to complete registration, and there are cases where registration is completed within 1 week.

  2. Abundant quota. There are sufficient quotas for everyone to submit new registrations and add new categories/brands.

  3. If your Germany WEEE registration has been completed but the authorized agent has not passed ear approval and you are worried about it becoming invalid, and the original agent refuses to help cancel it, Shenma Hui can assist with free cancellation, which takes 1-2 weeks.

It is well known that electronic and electrical equipment entering the EU market generally need to be registered for WEEE. If the relevant registration and submission are not completed, the e-commerce platform may remove the related products.

Early prediction and layout is always the right thing to do. To this end, Shenma Hui has launched the Germany WEEE assistance program for seller friends, including registration/application/guaranteed recycling, for full protection.

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