Digging, digging, digging, is this copyright infringement?

Is this copyright infringement if I dig?

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Excavator Driver Edition: Digging in the small construction site, earning a small amount of money, and spending it on my wife.

Road Worker Edition: Digging in the barren mountains, digging the road to wealth, and making life convenient for millions of families.

Miner Edition: Digging deep in the mine, mining a lot of coal, and lighting up millions of homes.

Worker Edition: I work in a small company, crawl and earn a little salary, not enough to spend.

Recently, the “Digging, Digging, Digging” brainwashing song from the game “Little Garden” caused a copyright dispute. This also caused people to pay attention to the issue of music copyright to some extent.

Lawyer: Singing or suspected infringement

On May 7th, a reporter from Daxiang News contacted Fu Jian, the director of Henan Zejin Law Firm. He said that when Huang sang this song in the live broadcast room and received income from viewers’ tips, it involved commercial behavior.

Public information shows that “Little Garden” was written, composed, and arranged by Su Su, so it is necessary to obtain Su Su’s permission, otherwise it will be considered infringement. China’s “Copyright Law” clearly stipulates that without the permission of the copyright owner, disseminating others’ works through information networks to the public constitutes copyright infringement. Therefore, the original author can demand that Huang bear civil liability such as stopping infringement, eliminating the impact, making an apology, and compensating for losses.

China’s Copyright Law clearly stipulates that the dissemination of others’ works to the public through information networks without the permission of the copyright owner constitutes copyright infringement. Therefore, the original author can demand that Mr. Huang take civil liability such as stopping the infringement, eliminating the impact, apologizing, and compensating for losses.

What is copyright?

Copyright refers to the total of the various rights enjoyed by the author and other copyright owners of literary, artistic, and scientific works in accordance with the Copyright Law.

What rights are included in copyright?

There are two types of copyright owner’s rights: personal rights and property rights.

Personal rights include:

Right of publication, right of authorship, right of revision, right to protect the integrity of the work.

Property rights include:

Right of reproduction, right of distribution, right of rental, right of exhibition, right of performance, right of screening, right of broadcasting, right of information network dissemination, right of cinematography, right of adaptation, right of translation, right of compilation, etc.

What works are protected by copyright?

1) Written works; 2) Oral works; 3) Musical, theatrical, acrobatic, dance, and other artistic works; 4) Fine art and architectural works; 5) Photographic works; 6) Film works and works created by similar cinematographic methods; 7) Graphic works and model works such as engineering design drawings, product design drawings, maps, and schematics; 8) Computer software; 9) Other works specified in laws and administrative regulations.

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