Italian products have seen a staggering 39,400% increase in demand in Russia! The main online shoppers are aged between 35 and 44!

Italian products see a 39,400% surge in demand in Russia, with online shoppers aged 35-44

BusinessDialogue has learned that CDEK, an international logistics operator, has announced the business metrics of its overseas popular brand product ordering platform, CDEK.Shopping, which was launched in May 2022. From the beginning of the year to March 2023, over 34,000 orders have been delivered to CDEK.Shopping customers.

The third quarter of 2022 saw the largest increase in delivered order revenue, with an increase of over 10 times. Currently, the average quarterly revenue growth is 2 times. CDEK.Shopping delivers orders to residents throughout Russia, with 27% of paid orders coming from Moscow, 10% from St. Petersburg, and 63% from other regions.

In most cases, customers choose to strengthen and support healthy products, accounting for 35% of orders. Clothing and shoes account for 34% of orders, electronics account for 16%, home furnishings account for 4%, and beauty and care products account for 3%. Over 300,000 unique products can be ordered within 12 months. In addition, CDEK.Shopping has opened up a large number of international sales channels for Russian customers, regularly offering profitable price discounts and promotions from popular online stores around the world.

39% of orders through CDEK.Shopping come from the United States, 14% from the United Arab Emirates, 11% from Poland, 9% from Italy, and 4% from Turkey. Meanwhile, compared to the fourth quarter of 2022, demand in the first quarter of 2023 grew the most for products from Italy, with a growth of 39,400%, followed by the United Kingdom with a growth of 1874%, and Germany with a growth of 238%. 50% of orders placed through CDEK are from men and 50% are from women.

BusinessDialogue understands that during the platform launch phase (second quarter of 2022), the proportion of male purchases was significantly higher, accounting for 70%. The types of products sold on the platform mainly include electronic products, with 15 sales categories currently available, including fashion, furniture, automotive products, construction and maintenance products. The main age group for purchasing foreign products is 35-44 years old (33%), followed by the 25-34 age group (29%), 45-54 years old (21%), 18-24 years old (9%), and 55 years old and above (8%). During the peak autumn sales season, the average order delivery time is 54 days, which has now been shortened to 2-4 weeks.

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