Jumia aims to expand in rural areas! It will fully promote the JForce plan!

Jumia to expand in rural areas and fully promote JForce plan

BusinessDialogue has learned that, according to foreign media reports, Vinod Goel, CEO of Jumia Uganda, recently revealed that the company plans to expand its services to rural areas in Uganda. The company plans to achieve this expansion through its offline sales program, “JForce.”

JForce can be understood as Jumia’s ground promotion alliance. JForce recruits sales agents to help people who are not able to order online to place orders. After completing an order, the agent can earn a commission from it.

According to reports, Uganda provides an important opportunity for e-commerce development due to its unique population distribution and structure. Consumers in rural areas of the country are very eager to obtain high-quality products at lower prices, which is exactly Jumia’s goal in the region.

Vinod Goel expects that Uganda’s young population and the number of people living outside the capital, Kampala, will drive Jumia’s development. Currently, only 25.7% of the country’s population lives in urban areas. On the other hand, the average age of e-commerce users in the country is 16.7 years old.

However, Vinod Goel did not specify when the expansion will take place and did not disclose other specific details to the public.

It is worth noting that many African e-commerce startups are facing challenges due to slowing online sales and low Internet penetration rates. For example, Copia Global recently closed its operations in Uganda because its user base did not grow.

At the time of the closure, the company stated that the decision was necessary to achieve profitability. In addition to Copia Global, Zumi and Wabi announced bankruptcy and MarketForce took measures to cut costs by laying off employees last year.

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