Leading Star ERP collaborates with Oracle to assist in the financial integrated construction of the billion-level sales of Huaying Technology industry

Leading Star ERP partners with Oracle for financial integration of Huaying Technology industry's billion-level sales

With the development of cross-border e-commerce, digital informationization has become a key factor for cross-border e-commerce enterprises to improve their core competitiveness, especially in the coordination and circulation of key links such as warehousing and logistics.

Cross-border e-commerce enterprise Huaying Technology insists on the brand strategy and joins hands with Leading Star ERP, Oracle NetSuite and Hitpoint Cloud to build an enterprise financial and operational integration management platform, providing strong support for the development of cross-border business.

About Huaying Technology

Huaying Technology was established in 2014, mainly engaged in cross-border e-commerce business, specializing in furniture, outdoor supplies, fishing gear and other categories, and actively expanding to achieve outstanding Chinese cross-border internet product brands.

Huaying Technology’s brands have well-known and influential presence in different vertical segments. Currently, Huaying Technology has offices in Beijing, Jinan, Dongguan, Shenzhen and the United States to meet the needs of global business development.

To meet the needs of business development, Huaying Technology has more than ten departments such as product development, operations, marketing, design, order management, logistics and warehousing, and quality inspection. The coordination of each department is extremely challenging for the company’s management capabilities.

To address this, Huaying Technology joined hands with Leading Star ERP, Oracle NetSuite and Hitpoint Cloud to jointly build an enterprise information management and financial management platform, realizing the closed-loop and integration of supply chain and financial workflow, accurate profit accounting, and achieving financial compliance.

“The strong system integration capability of Leading Star ERP has saved us manpower. The intuitive report statistics allow us to fully understand the performance of product sales, profits, and other aspects, and the multi-dimensional operation support tools allow us to adjust our operation strategies in a timely manner. With the help of Leading Star ERP to build an information structure with separate back-end and front-end, our company has achieved business and financial automation and integration.”

Build a finance and business integration system to enhance organizational efficiency comprehensively

Construct a cross-border business and finance integrated closed-loop management platform, with data-driven enterprise strategy development and business enhancement, data connectivity and integration is crucial. Moreover, Huaqing Technology has multiple systems to handle global site business, which needs to be unified and integrated.

01 System integration, establishing an informatization system

Lingxing ERP provides a complete API interface for upward docking with Amazon, Shopify, Aliexpress, Wayfair, Walmart platforms, horizontally connecting warehouses and logistics providers such as GuCang, Xiyou, and Yida Cloud, and downward connecting Oracle NetSuite and other systems.

Based on Lingxing ERP’s integration capabilities, Oracle NetSuite’s multi-dimensional capabilities, and Hitpoint Cloud’s powerful technical support, Huaqing Technology has achieved deep integration and docking of various platform businesses, logistics, and finance, bridging information flow, logistics, and capital flow across departments, providing a solid foundation for Huaqing Technology’s information construction.

In addition, Oracle NetSuite’s multi-organization management capability can meet the needs of flexible adjustment of organizational structure when Huaqing Technology’s new platform channel business is accessed; and Oracle NetSuite supports multiple currencies, tax systems, and languages, which can fully support Huaqing Technology’s overseas operations and provide guarantees for financial audit compliance.

02 Automation processing, enhancing organizational combat effectiveness

Lingxing ERP integrates the operational management capabilities of Amazon and other platforms. Huaqing Technology’s operations personnel can carry out advertising placement, competitive monitoring, keyword ranking monitoring, etc. in the Lingxing ERP system, and rely on intuitive sales statistics and analysis, profit statistics and other reports to make timely operational decisions and adjustments.

Process orders according to preset rules, and view inventory and sales data in real-time, easily carry out operational management, and enhance team efficiency.

In addition to Amazon FBA business, Lingxing ERP also helps Huaqing Technology automatically process self-delivery business, from automatic order splitting and merging, logistics price comparison, logistics ordering, to final delivery tracking, order labeling, and final logistics data display and profit analysis. The entire process realizes automated management.

03 Business and financial integration, comprehensive data circulation

With the information integration and business communication capabilities of Lingxing ERP system, Huaqing Technology has achieved comprehensive data circulation of sales, delivery, and settlement on the operational end, and closed-loop management of business and finance.

Lingxing ERP helps Huaqing Technology unify the management of procurement, sales, and other data, automatically track execution, income, and cost situations, and financial personnel can more easily and accurately complete financial accounting, ensuring business and financial compliance.

In addition, Huaqing Technology also uses Lingxing ERP’s BI function to complete the last link of data circulation-business data analysis, which provides data support for Huaqing Technology to conduct in-depth analysis of business conditions and promote business development.

Lingxing ERP system provides comprehensive support for Huaqing Technology’s information construction, realizing data interconnection and business and finance integration, and assisting in the development of cross-border business.

Lingxing ERP’s strength is also recognized, and it has been awarded the title of “Excellent Cooperative Service Provider” by Huaqing Technology. In the future, Lingxing ERP will continue to use “excellent strength” to help Huaqing Technology and even more cross-border sellers to develop and grow.

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