Daily Shop 70|Little Vest, High Profit, this popular item sold 200,000 US dollars during the peak season

Little Vest sold $200,000 during peak season at Daily Shop 70 with high profits

“Daily One Shop” is one of the benefits of being a BusinessDialogue member. The BusinessDialogue team selects one Amazon store every day and conducts multidimensional analysis on product data, marketing strategies, category advantages and disadvantages, and integrates excellent operational guidelines to develop operational ideas and help business development.

The store analyzed and displayed in “Daily One Shop” is not necessarily a top-selling store, because we believe that regardless of whether it is a big or small store, different scale stores can provide reference and inspiration for your Amazon store operation.

It should be noted that the content displayed in this article is part of “Daily One Shop”. The store screenshots in the article are sourced from Amazon’s public display pages. The BusinessDialogue member team combined relevant data tools to organize and analyze, and the data collection and analysis time was in the second half of 2022.

Today we are going to analyze a seller’s store from Guangdong, China. This seller is a seasonal top-seller. The store has 8 products, with an expected daily average of 400 orders and monthly sales of 200,000 US dollars during the peak season. Currently, it is the off-season, but it can still maintain around 55 orders per day and monthly sales of around 60,000 US dollars, showing strong capabilities. The average gross profit of the store’s best-selling products is about 43%. It was launched in June 2018 and has performed well in the four peak seasons since then. The store has accumulated 1816 feedback and is an FBA seller.

The store’s main category is outdoor sports, and the best-selling product is a swimming vest for toddlers. Unlike adult life jackets, this product is specifically designed to assist toddlers in swimming and is designed with various cartoon patterns, graphics, and colors, making it very popular among children. In terms of appearance, a considerable amount of differentiation can be achieved just through the design of the pattern.

The seller’s hot-selling product is a seasonal product, with the peak season in summer. It starts to gain popularity in February every year, and the volume increases from March. The peak season is from May to July, and the store’s orders also skyrocket during this period. The popularity starts to decline in August, and by September it’s almost over. If there are still inventory, they will start clearing it out at a low price. The entire peak season timeline is very compact, covering a total of 5 months from March to August. The store only sells once a year, and once it’s sold out, they withdraw and prepare for the next year.

BusinessDialogue learned that the store also did well in terms of traffic sources. In the search traffic, natural search traffic accounts for more than 85%. Since it’s currently off-season, there aren’t too many advertising investments, but there may be more advertising support during the peak season. The proportion of associated traffic is also not low, mainly from high-quality store association jumps.

Overall, the seller has a very thorough understanding of the lifecycle of seasonal products and is a major seller specializing in this field. The store looks lukewarm in the off-season, but once the peak season arrives, the seller will start investing explosively to seize rankings and sales. During the peak season, they sell a lot, and during the off-season, they clear out inventory, and then start preparing for the next peak season.

Currently, DailyShop has published over 100 cases. If you want to get more complete Amazon store analysis cases, you are welcome to join BusinessDialogue membership to unlock and view.


The store is from the publicly displayed page of Amazon.com. The basic information charts and store-related pictures presented in the article are all compiled and produced by the BusinessDialogue member team. The BusinessDialogue member team does not have any original protection or ownership and is not responsible for any legal liability arising from it.

The content and opinions of the store analysis in this article are for reference only and do not represent completely correct viewpoints. The stores and content involved in the store analysis also do not constitute any investment advice.

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