How to solve the management difficulties and measures in the glass industry with foreign trade software

Managing difficulties in the glass industry with foreign trade software

As an important building material, glass has always held a certain share in international trade. With the continuous increase in foreign market demand, the technical requirements for glass products are becoming higher and higher, and the investment in research and development needs to be gradually increased. Due to the fierce competition in the international market, foreign trade companies that want to do the glass product industry need to increase investment in market development, brand building, etc., in order to stand firm in the fierce market competition. The glass product industry is an industry with broad development prospects. In the future, it will pay more attention to the demand for environmental protection, technological innovation, and personalized and customized needs to meet consumers’ needs.

What are glass products? They refer to the general term for daily necessities and industrial products processed from glass as the main raw material. They are widely used in the fields of construction, daily use, medical treatment, chemistry, household appliances, electronics, instruments, and nuclear engineering. The main export countries and regions are Europe, North America, Asia, Australia, etc. Among them, Europe and the United States are the main consumer markets for glass products. Why is this? Mainly because these regions are not only economically developed, but also pursue high-quality, high value-added products. Therefore, regions with such characteristics are the main destinations for glass product exports.

Which customer groups are the main export targets for the glass product industry? They mainly include the construction industry, home furnishing industry, medical industry, cosmetics industry, food industry, automobile industry, electronics industry, etc. For example: glass curtain walls, glass partitions, glass doors and windows, glass dining tables, glass coffee tables, glass cabinets, test tubes, glass bottles, glass syringes, glass jars, glass cups, glass tableware, automobile glass, car rearview mirrors, glass screens, glass protective films, etc.

What are the management difficulties in the foreign trade industry of glass products?

Difficulty One: There are many types of samples, and the specifications and models are complex, which makes it inconvenient to retrieve information when making quotations;

Difficulty Two: The management of pictures and shipping marks for production and custom products is complicated and prone to errors;

Difficulty Three: Information exchange with customers and factories is not timely, and follow-up status is delayed;

Difficulty Four: There are many types of accessories, and it is easy to miss purchasing, forget to purchase, or purchase incorrectly when ordering accessories;

Difficulty Five: It is difficult to formulate packaging plans, and it is common to find that some materials are missing during the production process, which leads to delayed delivery;

Difficulty Six: The use of materials cannot be evaluated accurately, and it is impossible to know how much material each product uses or whether there is unnecessary waste in each link.

Solution for managing the foreign trade industry of glass products

【Fine Business Management Improves Efficiency】

Integrate and control the entire business process, including quotation, order receiving, procurement, inspection, inventory, loading, shipping, and collection, to avoid cost waste, delivery delays, and decreased customer satisfaction caused by data confusion, delayed progress nodes, and quality control problems that affect company profits.

【Quick Quotation Operation Makes It Easier】

Personalized custom quotation formulas enable quick and accurate quotation; inquiry and quotation history can be traced to control costs and reduce risks; estimated purchase costs and various fees for orders, as well as process approval and control can avoid price errors; visual management of the order execution process allows bosses and employees to easily grasp business follow-up progress.

【Lean Production Reduces Costs】

The cost accounting of sample development (BOM), production planning, workshop arrangement, employee dispatching, process reporting, production progress management, and worker salary accounting; analysis of material requirements for order processing, rationalized procurement analysis combined with inventory, automatic calculation of the number of materials required for each order, such as glass, accessories, packaging materials, and labels, as well as workshop requisitioning; outsourcing management and settlement; digital management of the entire production process to avoid unreasonable scheduling, material waste, uncontrollable delivery dates, and other phenomena.

【Automated Document Generation for Quick Output】

Foreign trade documents involve sample sheets, sample delivery orders, quotations, orders, invoices, packing lists, etc. Different countries and customers have different format requirements. The documents involve mixed pictures and item numbers, as well as various complex factors such as customs declaration for multiple materials, container loading and shipping, and multiple destination ports, etc. Sales personnel need to expend a lot of effort to process these documents.

【Dynamic Inventory and Intelligent Procurement for Accuracy and Efficiency】

Multiple inventory management modes, automatic increase and decrease of inventory based on workshop handover and shipment data; multi-location management, multiple accounting methods for determining inventory during monthly settlement; analysis of inventory quantity to determine the required procurement quantity, support for various procurement modes such as merge and planned procurement; automatic generation of procurement contracts based on suppliers of various materials.

【BI Intelligent Analysis Provides Decision-making Basis】

Analyze whether the product development direction is correct based on product sales, and use data to guide development; finely analyze profits, accurately calculate commissions, and establish a rational performance appraisal system; analyze customer quality and business follow-up efforts to prevent the loss of important customers; real-time tracking and intelligent warning of procurement progress; analyze business efficiency based on multiple dimensions such as orders and invoices; track order status to detect anomalies in a timely manner; analyze and statistics of accounts receivable and payable to prevent overpayment or underpayment; analyze and statistics of QC to identify quality issues.

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