Hundreds of thousands of businesses have joined in! This overseas business is hot

Many businesses joined; overseas business is popular

The international situation is turbulent, mature markets are saturated, and inflation remains high. In 2023, the global economy will still be in an “unbalanced stage” marked by unfavorable economic growth and inflation. Logistics failures are frequent, platform supervision is tightening, and difficulties are layered.

However, even though the cross-border industry is full of challenges, various data shows that the number of people who have joined the cross-border e-commerce wave is increasing. According to BusinessDialogue, the number of cross-border e-commerce entities in China has exceeded 100,000! According to data from the Ministry of Commerce, as of May 31st of this year, China has established 165 cross-border e-commerce pilot zones, covering 31 provinces and cities across the country. The scale of cross-border e-commerce imports and exports has increased significantly, accounting for about 5% of foreign trade, up from less than 1% five years ago. MarketplacePulse reported that in December 2022, Chinese sellers’ sales on Amazon’s US site returned to historic highs. In addition to Amazon, the proportion and share of Chinese sellers on other e-commerce platforms are also rapidly increasing. Many mainstream and emerging e-commerce platforms are focusing on recruiting Chinese sellers. The above data shows that the huge market potential in the cross-border industry is more attractive to players than the difficulties. The domestic cross-border e-commerce industry is developing rapidly and nurturing a large number of overseas opportunities. In the era of cross-border internal competition, how can one stand out?

The rapid development of the industry is accompanied by increasing pressure. Nowadays, competition in the cross-border e-commerce arena has entered an unprecedentedly intense phase. Whether it is platform e-commerce or independent sites, “rising costs” has become one of the hottest keywords. According to the latest data from MarketPlacePulse, in 2022, sellers’ operating costs on Amazon accounted for more than 50% of their sales revenue, a proportion that was 10% higher than five years ago. As the number of sellers increases, Amazon’s advertising bid costs are constantly rising. In addition to the increase in advertising costs, more and more sellers and service providers are feeling the surge in logistics and warehousing fees and supply chain costs. These accumulated expenses are constantly squeezing sellers’ profit margins and becoming an important obstacle to their development. For advertising agents, logistics service providers, and other institutions that provide cross-border services to customers, the increase in service costs may make it difficult to continue to provide high-quality services to customers, thereby affecting their own sustainable development capabilities. At this time, having a set of payment solutions that can effectively reduce costs and increase efficiency becomes particularly important. “Airwallex Pay Cloud Payment” has emerged. As a new online payment method launched by Airwallex, “Airwallex Pay Cloud Payment” can effectively help cross-border e-commerce sellers and service providers save unnecessary payment costs, enhance the linkage ability of the cross-border ecosystem, and save expenses for sellers and service providers, creating greater value. Compared with the traditional payment chain, merchants, service providers, and platforms within the Airwallex Cloud Payment ecosystem can complete fund collection and payment more conveniently, at a lower cost, and more quickly.

If your clients are concentrated in industries such as cross-border e-commerce, foreign trade, and game globalization, and you provide services such as advertising agency, logistics and warehousing, tax agency, and supply chain, then adding Airwallex Pay Cloud to your payment methods can make it easier for your clients and partners to pay you. In the future, Airwallex Pay Cloud will also support account balance transfers between Airwallex Pay Cloud users. With just a few clicks, users can make payments to other users on the network through Airwallex Pay Cloud, overcoming the low timeliness and high cost of traditional networks. Why integrate Airwallex Pay Cloud? Lower costs, with payment costs as low as one-tenth of credit cards The payment costs of Airwallex Pay Cloud are as low as one-tenth of credit cards and e-wallets. Encouraging customers to use Airwallex Pay Cloud for payments can significantly reduce the overall cost of payment collection. Increase revenue and provide customers with a better payment experience ● Extremely cost-effective – Airwallex Pay Cloud’s payment rate is significantly more favorable than bank card payments or bank transfers. ● Convenient operation – Customers do not need to enter bank card numbers or switch to online banking interfaces for transfers. With just a few clicks, customers can complete payments. ● Payment in original currency – Customers can use the original currency in their Airwallex Pay wallet to make payments to you, without the need for unnecessary currency conversions. A smooth and unobstructed experience, along with preferential transaction costs, can promote customer purchasing motivation and enhance payment conversion rates. Instant payment, with funds paid directly to overseas suppliers Airwallex Pay Cloud supports instant payment to merchants and provides services immediately. After settlement, payments can be made directly to overseas suppliers through exchange, global payments, and Cloud Visa cards, improving end-to-end cash flow efficiency. Convenient reconciliation, one-stop integration of transaction chains and information Airwallex Pay Cloud transactions will be included in transaction and flow reports along with other bank card or local payment method transactions, providing a convenient reconciliation experience. Compared to other payment methods, Airwallex Pay Cloud can reduce costs and improve efficiency for both payers and payees, achieving a win-win situation in the ecosystem. ▲ Swipe left and right to view the detailed advantages of Airwallex Pay Cloud. How to integrate Airwallex Pay Cloud?

Airwallex Pay Cloud Connect supports multiple efficient docking methods:

● Global collection. Supports multiple docking forms such as hosted pages, core components, and native API docking, seamlessly integrating with your existing payment experience. ● Collection link. No development is required. You can directly generate a collection link through the Airwallex Cloud Connect webpage client and send it to customers in any form such as email or SMS. Customers can easily use the account balance for payment by selecting Airwallex Pay Cloud Connect in the payment options. If you are already a user of Airwallex Cloud Connect, please contact your account manager to access Airwallex Pay Cloud Connect. To learn more about Airwallex Pay Cloud Connect and how it will lower your business costs and increase revenue, please scan the QR code below to contact Airwallex Cloud Connect account manager!

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