Market demand remains strong! This category is worth the strong attention of cross-border sellers

Market demand is strong! Cross-border sellers should pay attention to this category

“No matter how old you are, when a child hands you a toy phone, you answer it.” American comedian Dave Chappelle once said this, which is the joy that simulation toys bring to people: no age limit, no learning threshold, as long as you hold it, you know how to play. Most importantly, simulation toys can instantly stimulate your childlike heart!

As one of the oldest simulation toys, alloy toy cars are also a “low hanging fruit” that no toy retailer, specialty store, or online platform will miss. Today’s sharing is about how alloy car sellers can expand their business.

What is the market value of alloy toy cars?

According to BusinessWire’s forecast, by the end of 2027, the total sales of the global alloy car and toy market will reach 4.5 billion US dollars, and it is expected to see a growth of 1.35 billion US dollars from 2021 to 2026, with a compound annual growth rate of 5.99%.

Although alloy cars belong to the toy category, one of the important growth factors is that alloy car models have very high collection value and resale value, that is, in the collection player and second-hand market, alloy cars have a large appreciation space and strong market demand.

The North American market is worth the attention of cross-border sellers. The North American region has a very mature and developed automobile culture, and the potential of the automobile aftermarket is huge. From children to collection players, the enthusiasm for alloy cars is very high, especially for those antique and limited edition car models that are difficult to replicate. According to research firm Technavio, 35% of future alloy car market growth will come from the North American region.

Development Characteristics of Alloy Toy Cars

Toys have always been a field with active product development and innovation, and the diverse, personalized, and situational consumer demands continue to grow, giving rise to new markets and consumption opportunities. The alloy toy car market has great potential. How can we seize the opportunities of this segmented market in category development and expansion? First, let’s take a look at the characteristics and challenges of developing the alloy toy car category.

Six New Consumer Trends in the Global Alloy Toy Car Market

Challenges are also opportunities, and characteristics can be developed into unique advantages. Those who are deeply involved in this or aspire to it need to pay attention to the opportunities and how to correctly “bet” limited resources (such as funds, warehouse space, etc.) on more promising products.

In recent years, the global alloy toy car market, especially the US market, has shown the following consumer heat and new trends:

Seeing this, do sellers have some direction and inspiration on how to layout the alloy car category in the future? It needs to be emphasized again that the alloy car category is the “low hanging fruit” in the entire toy category. As long as you make sales, customers will surely come. Sellers who already have ideas should take action immediately!

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