Alibaba International Station Agency Operation 5 Tips to Improve Store Conversion

5 Tips to Improve Store Conversion for Alibaba International Station Agency Operation

Many enterprises are frustrated because they have not received inquiries after opening an Alibaba international website. Some account managers may suggest that companies do some paid advertising such as P4P, Top Exhibition, and Wen Ding, which can certainly increase the exposure of the company. However, to truly get more inquiries, companies still need to do some basic work. What specific issues should be paid attention to? Below, Alibaba International Station operation service provider Yuncheng Network shares with enterprises.

1. Building a keyword library

Building a keyword library is the foundation for a company to do well on the international website. Before building a keyword library, companies need to understand the search rules of Alibaba International Station, as well as the search habits and needs of buyers. Only by deeply understanding these can companies better organize a keyword library suitable for their products. The following points should be noted when building a keyword library: The selection of keywords should be accurate and based on the needs of buyers, combined with the characteristics of their own products. Choose some representative keywords that accurately describe the product. Add new keywords to the keyword library and delete some inappropriate keywords. There are many channels for keyword organization, in addition to the Alibaba International Station background, you can also use Google related searches, Google Keyword Planner, and other tools to expand keywords.

2. Writing product titles

Product titles are the first thing users see when they buy a product. Therefore, the quality of the title directly affects the click-through rate of the product, and whether users will click on the product. The following points should be noted when writing product titles: The title should be concise and clear: A good product title should be concise and clear, allowing buyers to understand the product’s characteristics and selling points at a glance. The title should include keywords. The title should contain marketing words and usage words to increase the attractiveness of the title.

3. Production of product detail pages

A good product detail page can increase the buyer’s trust and willingness to purchase. Therefore, companies need to pay attention to the clarity and vividness of the images in the product details, which can truly showcase the appearance and characteristics of the product. The description of the product details should be detailed and accurate, including the introduction of the product’s features, uses, specifications, production processes, and other aspects. In addition, the selling points should be highlighted so that buyers can easily see the advantages of the product and thus increase their willingness to purchase.

4. Product release guidelines

Product releases should be aimed at covering keywords, rather than just pursuing the quantity of product releases, to avoid duplication. When releasing products, attention should be paid to the selection of product categories. You can search for peers on the Alibaba homepage and refer to the product categories that rank high naturally. Pay attention to the selection and addition of the main product image, as this directly affects the clicks on the product. Try to add all the main product images and meet the basic requirements given by the platform to showcase the product from multiple angles. Fill in the fixed and custom product attributes completely. Release in multilingual markets to cover small language markets.

5. Fan operation

Fan operation can help sellers better operate their own stores, increase the number of fans, and sales. Therefore, companies can use fan operations to regularly push promotional activities, coupons, and other information to attract fans’ attention and participation, and achieve the effect of activating buyers, increasing inquiries, and orders.

In summary, doing well on Alibaba International involves many aspects such as the production of product detail pages, product release guidelines, and fan operations. Of course, there are more operational skills that Alibaba International’s agent operation company, Yun Cheng Network, will continue to introduce in future articles.

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