50 multi-billion-dollar sellers will gather together, and a conference with a thousand attendees will be launched! The mid-year summit for cross-border e-commerce will be held in Shenzhen!

50 multi-billion-dollar sellers and 1000 attendees will attend the mid-year summit for cross-border e-commerce in Shenzhen

With the continuous advancement of globalization and the continuous development of digital technology on the Internet, new forms and models of foreign trade are rapidly developing, becoming an important trend in the current development of international trade. According to the “Overseas Marketing White Paper” jointly released by TikTok for Business and Deloitte in 2022, it is expected that the global e-commerce market will maintain an annual growth rate of 12% in the next five years. By 2026, the total global e-commerce retail sales are expected to reach 5.723 trillion US dollars.

Among the trillion-dollar global e-commerce market, it is extremely important for companies to choose the right platform if they want to break through and make a breakthrough. Among many choices, TikTok is becoming an important business position for overseas companies to build brand strength. According to the top ten list of global application downloads published by market research institution AppTopia in 2022, TikTok ranked first with 672 million downloads. TikTok’s unique social e-commerce model, as well as its huge traffic, can help overseas companies seize the global consumption advantage.

What are the new opportunities on TikTok now? How can new merchant businesses on TikTok choose the right products and positioning to help double their brand growth? How should foreign trade companies operate TikTok to achieve a surge in orders? This summit provides answers to these questions.

On June 10th, Sunrate, as a supporting unit, will join hands with the Langya Navigation Alliance to prepare a [Cross-border E-commerce Mid-Year Summit-Overseas Social Media TikTok Public Welfare Course Launch Conference] for overseas companies in Tian’an Cloud Valley, Shenzhen. The summit will focus on hot topics such as brand globalization, sustainable growth, and digital era overseas practices, and will have in-depth sharing and exchanges, working with more industry partners to explore the way for enterprise global development.

Highlights of the Summit Preview

1. Industry Empowerment: Invite provincial and municipal association leaders to create a high-end dialogue platform;

2. Brand Going Global: Invite 50 sellers with sales of billions to discuss new breakthroughs in brand internationalization;

3. Official Platform: Keynote speeches by overseas social media official platforms, colliding with new platform gameplay;

4. In-Depth Research: Focus on global patterns and industry trends, decoding trade development opportunities;

5. Marketing Layout: Discuss marketing channel construction on overseas social media platforms to help sellers reach global markets;

6. Resource Integration: Coordinate offshore strategic resources and prepare for localization operations.

Full Summit Agenda:

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