An in-depth analysis of Yahoo’s advertising placement types!

Analysis of Yahoo's ad placement types

One-stop appreciation of Yahoo’s advertising placement types!

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Yahoo is one of the top three portal websites in the world with 1.2 billion monthly active users;

Yahoo is a well-known news website globally, mainly in China, Taiwan, the United States, France, etc.;

Yahoo Mail ranks fourth globally in terms of the number of users, with nearly 100 million users using Yahoo Mail;

Tumblr has over 400 million users globally, with the top three user groups being the United States, Brazil, and Japan.

Yahoo is also a well-known sports portal website globally, with the most users of any sports website, mainly in the United States, India, and Taiwan, China;

Yahoo! – Pioneer of native advertising

1. Yahoo search advertising placement

Those of us with advertising placement experience should be familiar with Yahoo’s search advertising. Ads are displayed through keyword searches, and when users search for words related to your product, the ad will be shown. The higher the bid on the advertising keyword, the higher the ad will appear in the search results. Therefore, this type of advertising is also known as bidding advertising.

2. Yahoo Mail advertising

Yahoo Mail has many users and is an essential tool for users in their daily work and life. The frequency of opening Yahoo Mail is high. There are ads displayed on the details page of Yahoo Mail that are related to the “keywords” in the email content. These ads will not interfere with the user’s reading of the email, but when users are interested in the content of the ads, they will also click on the content of the ad, which can help advertisers obtain more potential customers.

3. Yahoo Mobile Advertising

Yahoo Mobile Advertising is an advertisement displayed on Yahoo Mobile website, APP and many other mobile products to help advertisers reach 600 million international mobile users, expand the audience for their advertising, broaden potential sales channels, and acquire more customers.

Yahoo Native Advertising Promotion Fees and Pricing Policy

1. Adopting a prepaid system: You need to recharge your promotion account before you can advertise. When your account balance is zero, Yahoo Advertising will automatically stop displaying your ads;

2. Pay per click: Yahoo Native Advertising is charged per click. You only need to pay for the cost of customers clicking on your ads to enter your website. If there is no click, you will not be charged;

3. You decide on your own budget: Yahoo’s advertising system allows you to independently decide on the budget and maximum cost per click, and provides tracking tools to help you analyze returns on investment. Based on the analysis results, you can flexibly control the input and output of the advertisement and make independent budget decisions.

Yahoo (Yahoo) Advertising can be placed in: India, South Korea, Japan, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, the United States, Canada, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, etc.

Types of Advertising

Yahoo has two types of ads: search ads and display ads.

Search Ads

– Directly reach “specified” customers

Yahoo search ads are actually keyword bidding ads. Relevant content and ads are found through keyword searches for more accurate targeting. Customers can make ads appear by searching for keywords.

Search advertising is Yahoo’s advertising aimed at “direct” searchers, which is very suitable for covering “current customers”. Advertisers can set “keywords to be advertised”, “adjust the ratio of advertising and equipment”, “advertising area”, “daily budget”, etc., and only charge based on the number of clicks. Enter the keyword you want to query in the search box on the Yahoo homepage, and your ad will appear on the left and right sides of Yahoo. In addition, although Yahoo advertisers can directly open a Yahoo advertising account, sometimes they will place ads through Yahoo service agents. Because the work is very complicated and without professional knowledge, it is impossible to carry out efficient advertising. As a Yahoo China agent with 12 years of industry experience, iJing Yahoo is happy to provide you with related services.

Display advertising (operational type)

– You can refine it by searching keywords as well as region, age, and interests, from general to deep

In addition to publishing ads on the Yahoo website itself, display ads can also be posted on affiliated websites. Although display ads also need to be searched through keywords on the Yahoo search engine, users do not necessarily have to use the same and fixed keywords to search.

Display advertising (operational type) is a Yahoo advertising that is charged per click, and can be published on the Yahoo official website and other partner websites. Some products can be published on the homepage of the Yahoo official website by clicking fees.

Users can refine from a large number of Yahoo users. This is a search targeted advertising that can be refined by region, device, age, gender, interests, and search keywords, as well as a Yahoo advertising retargeting advertising to users who have visited the Yahoo website once.

Yahoo promotion needs to be authorized by a Yahoo authorized agent to open a promotion account and prepay advertising fees before advertising can be launched. If you are ready to launch Yahoo advertising, please contact Xingchen, who has been deeply cultivating the industry for 12 years, to provide you with many services such as Yahoo promotion account opening, Yahoo advertising account opening, and Yahoo bidding account opening, and then launch advertising promotion.

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