Chijin Technology The whole process of shooting overseas information flow short video advertising materials is revealed!

Chijin Technology reveals the process of shooting overseas short video ads

After the last article was published, many brand merchants were interested in the short video material outsourcing service for information flow, and wanted to know more details. Today, Fruit Brother will share with you in detail how our team operates after receiving a case.

This article provides a detailed introduction to the project background, purpose, role division and responsibilities, material creation and shooting, and other core aspects.

1. Positions in overseas brands that have poor connection in various links for information flow short videos, have low perception of effective advertising, and do not understand the material production process for overseas merchants.

2. Merchants with some optimization experience and material creative ideas who switch to the TikTok platform, but do not understand the creative and ecological audit policies for local materials overseas, resulting in a longer timeline for material creation, low approval rate and slow output speed.

This is not only to facilitate overseas merchants to understand our business, but also to provide a reference idea and a mature path for those overseas merchants who have enough time and manpower, believing that it can help them quickly formulate ideas and improve the efficiency of material production that meets channel characteristics.


Whale-eating Overseas Information Flow Short Video Material Outsourcing Service Process

The material production process is divided into three stages: pre-production, production and post-production.

1. Pre-production

Project reception-customer interface.

2. Production

Creative research-material production-material review and modification

3. Post-production

Material optimization-material delivery-client review

Image source: Whale-eating MCN


Role Division and Breakdown

Regarding role division, there are: business/sales, optimization operation, material creativity, etc., and the main responsibilities of each staff member participating in the process are different.

1. Business Team

Mainly responsible for receiving projects and connecting with clients, with the main responsibilities being: synchronizing operations and creativity, synchronizing project information, coordinating project personnel and facilitating daily communication with clients.

2. Operational Optimization

Mainly responsible for connecting with clients, conducting research, reviewing and modifying materials and scripts, with the main responsibilities being: conducting creative research and providing creative materials, reviewing materials and providing feedback, material deployment and data feedback, secondary optimization of materials, etc.

3. Material Design

The process includes creative research, material production, material review and modification, material optimization, with the main responsibilities being: ensuring resources are complete, providing creative materials, producing and modifying materials, etc.

Image source: Whale MCN


Material Creative Guide and Production

Creative research includes product experience, localization, competitor analysis and innovation. Research is an essential part of material production. As Mao Zedong once said: “No investigation, no right to speak.” Both material creativity and output require optimization and design processes.

Localization is a long-term accumulation process. With the accumulation of time and experience, the understanding of localization will be more profound, and the judgment made will be more accurate. Therefore, it is very important and necessary to develop logical thinking and consciousness in creative research!

Image source: Whale MCN

1. Product Experience

Summary of selling points:

Experiencing the product to summarize its selling points is to better understand the product itself, its outstanding advantages, and when seeing good creative materials for competing products, check if they cover the same points. Exaggerated advertising should be avoided.

Subdivide the second-level categories of the primary category, analyze the industry and products in-depth, and summarize the gameplay before being able to be closer to user needs.

2. User profile

The optimization direction can summarize the user profile through the three main information channels of consulting customers, researching other information websites, and accumulating experience in internal tested data of the same type. When making materials, there must be a focus, which can prioritize the conversion of this part of potential users.

Image source: Whale MCN


Pitfall Avoidance Guide

There are suggestions and things not to do for each position

1. Market business:

It is recommended to make estimates in advance, negotiate KPI, synchronize project information three to five days in advance, and avoid untimely information synchronization, giving back-end operations two to three days, unclear product launch time, etc.

2. Optimization/operation

It is recommended to communicate creative ideas with the creative team in a timely manner when customers do not understand/have doubts about material creativity. The situation of high rejection rate and reduced efficiency and customer satisfaction due to unfamiliarity with customer material production requirements should be avoided.

3. Material creativity

It is recommended to regularly ask about the data performance of materials, measure creative direction/output efficiency, and do AB-Test when opinions do not match with optimization.

Image source: Whale MCN

Finally, unlike micro-movies and live broadcasts, short video production does not have specific forms of expression and team configuration requirements like micro-movies. It has the characteristics of simple production process, low production threshold, and strong participation, and has more dissemination value than live broadcasts. However, its ultra-short production cycle and interesting content pose certain challenges to the copywriting and planning skills of short video production teams.

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