Compass for Going Abroad Wig Business Goes Overseas The Marketing Logic of Chinese Wig Business and Popular Wig Products on Overseas Social Media

Chinese wig business expands overseas with popular products on social media

Nox Polaris ★ Overseas Compass

To help brands quickly understand their target markets when going overseas, Nox Polaris has launched a series of market insight columns called 【Overseas Compass】. Each issue will interpret the market conditions, cultural differences and other content of major countries and major tracks around the world, pointing the direction for overseas brands and helping Chinese brands set sail and break through the waves.

Third stop of the Overseas Compass

Wigs going overseas

China can be said to be the pioneer of social media short video marketing. Open TikTok and type in #wig, and the operator behind any video could be a Chinese wig brand with an annual output value of hundreds of millions of yuan.

#01. The business of Chinese wigs on social media

Behind the popularity of Chinese wig products overseas is the strong support of social media. Currently, on TikTok, the browsing volume of topics containing #wig is as high as tens of billions. On Instagram, there are also 9.777 million posts with #wig, indicating that wigs have an amazing exposure on social media. Many influencers focus on sharing wig care and matching, and are dedicated to wig videos. By searching for related tags such as wig on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram platforms, you can see that there are hundreds of thousands of wig topic influencers, and about 20% of them focus on wig videos.

Such a subdivided category can give birth to so many subcategory influencers, and there are still many hundreds of thousands or even millions of influencers. It can be seen that wigs are a necessity of life for black people, just like wearing clothes and skincare.

Instagram and TikTok are the two main operation channels for Chinese wig products. The graphic form of Instagram and the short video form of TikTok are more suitable for promoting wig products, which are highly fashionable. On the one hand, the required materials are simple and can directly show the highlights of the product. On the other hand, the audiences of the two platforms are younger and more passionate about and willing to accept fashionable products.

Alfredlewislll is a wig influencer on TikTok with 240,000 followers. Alfredlewislll has a high level of fan loyalty and often helps promote Chinese wig brands. Recently, he gained over 4.8 million views and 20,000+ new followers for a unique wig design, which also brought a large amount of traffic and inquiries for the wig brand.

Examples of wig influencers, wig care, and wig pairing are abundant. The wig industry has developed into an ecosystem on social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok, driving the Chinese wig industry towards global expansion.

#02. Logic of KOL Marketing for Wig Brands

Searching for wig industry brands on Similarweb, it is found that a large portion of their traffic comes from social media platforms, especially YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. Brands with over 100K monthly independent visits have done corresponding operations and marketing, with many brands having accumulated over 10 million exposures on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok annually.

From the perspective of influencer marketing, data insights are provided on platform selection, influencer level, type selection, content creation, and publishing time for wig brands with over 100K monthly independent visits on Similarweb, as follows:

June 4, 2022 – June 4, 2023

Ranking of wig brands’ exposure in influencer marketing on the three major platforms

Platform selection strategy:

From the proportion of investment made by various brands on the three major platforms over the past year, TikTok has surpassed YouTube as the highest investment platform for wig brands, followed by YouTube. Especially for wig brands that are just beginning to do influencer marketing, they are more willing to try it on YouTube.

The format of long videos on YouTube is better for showcasing products and conducting in-depth evaluations. Additionally, YouTube has high fan loyalty, allowing for more specific feedback and friendliness towards new brands. On the other hand, Instagram is mainly focused on high-quality fashion graphics and text, making it suitable for high-end and beautifully designed brands or products. By directly tagging the official brand account, it can increase followers and draw traffic.

Influencer Level Strategy:

When choosing influencers, most brands use a ratio of 5:3:1:1. This means that around 50% of micro influencers (0-10k), 30% of small influencers (10-50k), 10% of medium influencers (50k-500k), and the remaining 10% are a small number of large and top influencers.

Compared to top and middle-tier influencers, micro influencers are more vertical and willing to accept a revenue sharing model. A large number of collaborations with micro influencers can help brands obtain more precise target audiences, low-cost marketing, and scalability for brand exposure and promotion.

Influencer Type Strategy:

Nox Ju Xing discovered that brands like to cooperate with vertical categories such as wig influencers and beauty influencers. Fashion, Vlog, and Lifestyle influencers are also popular. Many top wig brands prefer to sign long-term contracts with vertical wig influencers.

Content and Creative Strategy:

When collaborating with influencers, video content is mainly customized for vertical categories, including unboxing, evaluation, care, and matching tutorials. Fashion, Vlog, and Lifestyle influencers are more likely to use product placement, exposing the brand in appropriate scenarios for increased exposure.

Red Influencer Release Strategy:

Based on the frequency and timing of the influencer’s releases, we do not force the influencer, but focus on new products and release them in a concentrated time period to fully expose the new products.

The marketing paths of various wig brands are all impressive. By combining their target positioning and product positioning, we can discover that if we target young (18-34 year old) black women, we can prioritize cooperation with TikTok channels, with mid to low-level niche influencers as the main focus. For brands targeting the mid to high-end market and pursuing high customer spend, we can lean more towards Instagram resources, with mid-level fashion influencers as the main focus. Compared to other promotion methods, the high exposure, high interaction, and influencer trust endorsement of influencer marketing can more effectively ignite the market, guide users to make purchases and conversions, make the brand’s positioning clearer in the minds of users, make the brand label more prominent, and also help to settle content, optimize search engines, and improve the SEO of brand independent stations to obtain natural traffic. We believe that this is also the reason why more and more wig brands are choosing to do influencer marketing.

Based on wig influencer resources, Nox Ju Xing will conduct market analysis from several dimensions, such as the overview and characteristics of the wig influencer market, how wig brands can develop influencer marketing, and how to create high conversion wig influencer videos, and output overseas growth solutions for the wig industry. Stay tuned!

If wig industry practitioners have any data they want to see, content they want to learn about, or questions they want to discuss, they can tell us in the comment section and we will provide professional answers.

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