Choose Qbit Funbi Exchange to make overseas crowdfunding repayments more secure and reliable!

Choose Qbit Funbi Exchange for secure and reliable overseas crowdfunding repayments!

In recent years, overseas crowdfunding has received increasing attention and favor from people. With the acceleration of globalization, the scale and potential of overseas markets continue to expand, and more and more enterprises and individuals are beginning to pay attention to the opportunities in overseas markets. Overseas crowdfunding is a financing model that raises funds from overseas investors through online platforms. Compared with traditional financing methods, it has many advantages. Firstly, overseas crowdfunding is a decentralized financing model that directly connects investors with project parties through Internet platforms, reducing intermediate links, lowering financing costs, and increasing investors’ participation and decision-making autonomy. Secondly, overseas crowdfunding also has certain marketing effects. Overseas crowdfunding is usually widely promoted on the Internet to attract more people to participate and increase the project party’s visibility and brand value. Through overseas crowdfunding, project parties can obtain more financial support, while also improving brand awareness and marketing effects. Investors can also obtain more investment opportunities and returns, and participate in decision-making and management of the project, enjoying the fun of investment. However, due to issues involving fund flow and payment, receipt is a crucial step that cannot be avoided in crowdfunding projects. Sellers need to use payment collection tools to receive user payments, and in order to register and use these overseas payment collection tools, they must have an overseas entity. Registering the entity locally means high time, cost, and higher security risks. However, Qbit, a one-stop financial services platform, allows for the online registration of entities in China, Hong Kong, and the United States. The online material submission process minimizes time and cost, and registration can be completed in as little as one week. At the same time, Qbit provides supporting tax and legal consulting services, which can help enterprises establish a compliant financial foundation from the first day of establishment and avoid potential bottlenecks in future development. For the seller, once the crowdfunding is completed, they will face the need to withdraw funds and global payment collection demands. Qbit’s global account can handle all of this in one place. After registering the overseas entity with Qbit, sellers can open a global account with one click and withdraw funds from the payment collection tools to the global account. Compared with opening an overseas account in a traditional offline bank, the Qbit global account process is simpler, with lower thresholds, lower costs, and faster receipt, with the fastest one working day for online account opening. The local payment fee rate is reduced by at least 90%, which can meet all the needs of enterprises for overseas payment collection. If you are interested in knowledge related to going abroad, please follow Qbit and actively leave a message for discussion. We will continue to update cross-border e-commerce dry goods and the latest and hottest industry information. Image source: Qbit

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