After moving to SHOPLINE, why have customer retention rates and repurchase rates increased?

Customer retention rates and repurchase rates have increased since moving to SHOPLINE

Why do customer retention rate, repurchase rate, and store GMV all increase when you relocate your shop to SHOPLINE?

Reason one:

The SHOPLINE CRM customer management system can help you conduct multi-dimensional and all-round customer segmentation, describe accurate customer profiles, drive personalized operations and targeted marketing with data, occupy customer mindsets, and thereby promote continuous sales growth.

Case study:

For a certain women’s clothing independent website with an average of 20,000 monthly visitors, after using the SHOPLINE CRM customer management system, it was discovered that customers in Southeast Asia like a certain style of skirt. Therefore, the exposure of this product in the Southeast Asian market was increased, it was recommended and displayed on the homepage of the website, and discounts were provided on the website. One week later, the conversion rate of visitors to customers in the store increased by 25%.

Reason two:

The SHOPLINE membership system can help you easily build a store-exclusive membership system, provide various marketing strategies to enhance customer repurchase, and enable real-time viewing of membership data. Dynamic analysis of membership behavior, and through pop-ups, emails, and other methods to conduct fine-grained operations on members, effectively improving customer lifecycle value.

Case study:

For a certain wig brand independent website, targeting the European and American markets, the SHOPLINE membership system was used to build a membership level system, a points redemption system, and an invitation and referral reward mechanism. Members were incentivized to place orders, leave reviews, and share the store. After half a year, the proportion of members for this brand was over 60%, the repurchase rate increased by 28%, and the average order value increased by 39.7%.

Why choose to manage customers on SHOPLINE?

01 360° Customer Portrait Analysis to Fully Understand Customer Preferences

With a 360° customer portrait, you can understand the repurchase rate, consumption power, average spending, and frequency of consumption for each segmented customer group. Based on this information, you can develop personalized operational strategies to effectively improve conversion rates.

For example, when you find that the consumption ability of new customers in the customer portrait is concentrated below $400, and compared with old customers, their consumption ability is weaker, you should prioritize recommending products that cost less than $400 to new customers, and recommend products with a higher price to old customers.

Store-wide Customer Portrait

02 Intelligent Tag Management Capability, Flow Automates Tagging

Want to gain customer insights from more dimensions, but the existing tag system has too few tags? Manually tagging is too troublesome?

With the SHOPLINE CRM customer management system, you can have a more abundant and detailed customer tag system, and you don’t need to manually tag customers, as the system will automate the tagging process according to the process.

You can use the system’s built-in customer basic information, order characteristics, and “47 intelligent system tags”, as well as create an unlimited number of custom tags, and achieve automated tagging through Flow, such as adding a “high value” tag for customers who meet specific consumption conditions.

No matter what angle you want to analyze customers from, the SHOPLINE CRM customer management system can meet your needs.

Create Custom Tags through Flow

03 5 Major Categories and 10+ Subdivision Templates for Fine-grained Operations

Don’t know how to conduct fine-grained operations on customer groups?

The customer management system has prepared 5 major categories and 10+ subdivision templates for you based on basic information, order behavior, customer value, etc., including common subdivision groups such as “visitors who have not placed an order”, “customers who added items to their cart but did not complete the purchase”, and “first-time customers who subscribed to emails”.

You can directly use these segmentation templates to quickly target your customer base and send personalized emails to them on the customer details page. For example, targeted sending of promotional information to customers, targeted maintenance or recall of high-value customers, etc.

5 categories & 10+ segmentation templates

04 Multi-dimensional circle selection capability, achieving personalized marketing

The customer management system provides you with powerful fine-grained circle selection capabilities from dimensions such as user information, shopping preferences, store behavior, and optimization features. There is also an advanced mode – intersection, union, and difference combination filtering, which allows you to personalize according to your needs, achieve multi-dimensional and all-round user segmentation, and conduct personalized marketing.

For example, you can use two conditions, “age” and “gender,” to filter out customers who are “under 20 years old” or “female,” and recommend cute toys and dolls.

Intersection, union, and difference combination filtering

Why choose to conduct membership marketing on SHOPLINE?

01 Grade system, providing customers with high-quality experience and exclusive privileges

Through the SHOPLINE membership system, you can use membership benefits to guide customers to subscribe to your store. Set different membership levels and provide matching membership benefits for various VIP customers: points, discounts, full reductions, free shipping, and birthday month benefits, etc. You can also customize privileges to demonstrate member “exclusivity” and increase customer enthusiasm for subscribing to your store.

Grade setting

02 Point strategy, improving customer participation and repurchase rate

On SHOPLINE, you can use multiple point acquisition strategies (registration, subscription, birthday, ordering, social sharing, commenting, etc.) to enhance customer activity. You can also use point exchange strategies (points for cash, exchange discount codes, exchange shipping coupons, exchange goods) and other methods to stimulate customer consumption and increase customer stickiness;

03 Invitation Rewards, Building a User Self-growth Loop

The SHOPLINE membership system provides various ways to encourage user self-growth, such as gifting gift cards and products to friends, inviting new customers to register and receive rewards, and other referral programs. Compared to advertising, using the membership system can save up to 80% of the cost of acquiring a new customer.

Invitation reward settings

04 Welfare discounts, multiple marketing strategies to increase repurchase rate

You don’t have to worry about lacking experience in member marketing. The SHOPLINE membership system provides various marketing strategies: special offers for members, points for completing orders, shopping vouchers for meeting certain purchase thresholds, and more. By providing various welfare discounts, consumer frequency and the repurchase rate can be improved.

05 Rich components, building a brand-specific membership center

In the SHOPLINE membership system, you can combine brand positioning and image, and freely adjust basic styles, theme colors, button colors, and page header backgrounds through membership components to create a membership center that fits the brand tone. This provides customers with a variety of visual experiences, enhances brand quality, and deepens brand impressions.

Membership component

Let’s hear what customers who have migrated have to say:

With the help of SHOPLINE’s one-click migration tool, there is no need for code or manpower, and the operation is very simple.

Just five steps can help you easily migrate from other platforms to SHOPLINE

Step 1

In the “App Market” of SHOPLINE, search for and install the corresponding store’s one-click migration tool.

Step 2

Create a custom application in the backend of other stores and obtain the corresponding key information.

Step 3

Paste the obtained key information into the migration tool application in the SHOPLINE background.

Step 4

Select basic modules (such as customers, products, 301 redirect settings, etc.) and migrate Google Feed product data independently.

Step 5

After selecting the above migration content, click “Start Migration” to complete the store migration.

After the store migration is completed, you can use SHOPLINE’s batch import or store migration function to quickly import customer information and activate old customers quickly by sending emails, and carry out subsequent customer operations and management work.

Activation Process

No need for form data import, the entire migration process is very smooth, and the entire customer data is lossless!

Welcome sellers to migrate their stores to SHOPLINE and start the journey of global independent stations’ growth! In addition to efficient and intelligent customer management tools, SHOPLINE also has corresponding advantages in advertising, product, and order domains. We will continue to introduce them to you in the future, so stay tuned!

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